Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Improvements to Hyrule Blog

Looks like I'm using this blog more often right now and I guess this will continue, since we have a couple of new Zelda releases waiting for us.

I used this opportunity to make some long overdue improvements. The first thing you will notice that I finally changed the background a little bit more into what I always had in mind with it. Namely this original TLoZ artwork:

It's a little bit dark now at the sides. Maybe I'll find a better color later on. Or some texture.

Next change was moving the label widget down to the lowest point in the side menu. It has gotten very long and kept getting in the way of the Blog Archive. Also, a lot of posts are not labeled correctly, I have forgotten to use some minor labels such as "Zelda News", I really need to go through all the posts and label them correctly at some time. Maybe I will remove some labels entirely. It's bad that you can't collapse the label widget, it would make things less bloated. So, the labels are at the bottom for now.

Instead I decided to expand the hot buttons. I added buttons for more recent games, which includes the Oracle of Ages & Seasons (which have been re-released on VC), the Wind Waker (which is getting an HD port on the Wii U) and A Link Between Worlds (the next 3DS Zelda game). All three games have been an important part of my posts lately, so their buttons are definitely justified. I have also replaced the 25th Anniversary button with a button for the BS Zelda games, since the anniversary stuff feels outdated and the BS Zelda games were always an interesting and curious part of the blog. And there's now a search bar, where the labels used to be. So, if you want to find something quick, you can use that.

I know, it's not much. Baby steps. I'm still very lazy with this, but keep in mind that it's about the posts, not the design.

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