Friday, June 14, 2013

The Mystery of the The Wind Waker HD Triforce Quest Optimization Revealed

This is kind of funny... from Kotaku:

"As for the Triforce quest, it was basically a process of finding maps and then following that map to another location," he recalled, "but I think what some people didn’t like is that sometimes you would find a map and it would take you to another map. It was a series of steps you had to take in order to get to the Triforce. Maybe people felt like they were getting the runaround a little bit."

"We’re planning on streamlining that a little bit. Maybe you’ll get a map, and it’ll lead you to the Triforce and then you’ll get it and move on to the next one."

Doesn't make any sense to you? Well, it shouldn't. Maybe you remember my post about the Japanese version of the Wind Waker. There I explained, that the Triforce Quest there includes a series of five treasure maps. One treasure map is leading to the next until you get the Triforce Chart.

Well, in the West this already got fixed! They relocated a couple of Treasure Charts and Heart Pieces to remove this cumbersome series.

But why does Aonuma even mention it? Is he not aware that this got already fixed in the West? He's at E3, where most people are from the West. This information would be more exciting and less confusing for the Japanese audience in Japan.

And this also raises this question, if they are just using the Western version or actually fixing it again... and maybe fixing it differently? Because they made many improvements to the Western version of the game, not just the Triforce Quest. I would hate to get to the end of the Savage Labyrinth only to find 10 Rupees. And how can they be so confused to announce this at E3? It's all still a mystery...

It turned out that they took both versions into consideration for making The Wind Waker HD and improved the Triforce Quest even beyond the original improvements made for the US / Europe releases by removing multiple Triforce Charts! Savage Labyrinth now has the Hero's Charm.

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That's the Japanese misconceptions for you. XD