Sunday, June 9, 2013

Playing Oracle of Ages & Seasons Parallel

With the release of Ages and Seasons for the Virtual Console, I started replaying the Oracle games. I already did that back in 2011 as part of my 25th Anniversary replays, but I only played in one direction (Ages → Seasons) and started with all 64 rings, so I wouldn't have to bother with them. This time I'll try to get all 64 rings again, something I haven't done since the GBC originals. Which also means that I have to play both ways (Ages → Seasons and Seasons → Ages). And while doing so I came up with a nice way of playing the two games simultaneously.

I simply started a new game both in Ages and Seasons using the same Hero's Secret. Even though those are not linked games, the games are already interacting with the rings. As I've explained in earlier posts, all files started from the same Hero's Secret share the same Ring Secret. And you can share rings immediatly over all the files. So, if I find a new ring in Oracle of Ages, I can use it right away in Oracle of Seasons, even though both are not linked games.

Both of the new games will eventually lead to linked games and at that time I will be able to share rings between four different savegames, all having slightly different scenarios. Whereever I find a new ring, all three other savegames will profit immediatly.

The nice thing with this method is that you don't have to stay with one game. Usually you would start with one game, play it straight to the end, link to the next game, finish the linked game, receive the Hero's Secret, play the same game again and then finish a linked Hero's game in the first one. It's somewhat tedious.

But by starting with the Hero's Secret right away, you can play the games simultaneously. You can jump around as you please. I usually switch games, when I hit the Ring Shop to appraise new rings. I would then switch to the other game and continue playing there until I found more rings. Then switch back.

Also, by starting with a Hero's Secret right away you won't miss the Heart Container in your first file. I think this is the most fun and benificial way to go at the Oracle games.

In case you want to do the same, you can use the password generator to make yourself a Hero's Secret (if you haven't gotten one yet).


Frédéric said...

Makes me wanna play them again! Never finished Oracle of Seasons, but went through Oracle of Ages during my childhood and loved it! I think I'll try the hero's quest with the code generator :)

Lankelink said...

I'm also replaying them :D

Beat seasons but I want to get the heart pieces from the gasha tree and Maple before starting ages... maybe it will take some time...

TourianTourist said...

Try the tree one screen left to the lower entrance of Goron Mountain. There's a Gasha Spot right above the holes. This one usually gave me the Heart Piece. In fact I just got it yesterday from the very same spot.

As for Maple... I never managed to figure her out, it all seems very random. Just keep trying.