Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Link Between Worlds @E3 2013

"A Link Between Worlds" - that's the new title for A Link to the Past 2. I like the pun. Actually it would have been the perfect title for the SNES original. But like I predicted, the painting form of Link is actually used to move between the Light and the Dark World (I bet you walk into a mirror to switch between worlds), so the whole pun works even better here.

What really strikes me is the Dark Triforce in the logo. That's really something. That would be a story. Imagine a story about a Dark Triforce that has its own "Unsacred Realm" and that follows "virtues" like Sorrow, Despair and Destruction (like in the Oracle games). That has its own dark gods, who created it. That would be a way to expend the lore of the Zelda universe. That would be amazing.

If they really do something like it, I still might have hopes for the game despite all the living paiting bullsh*t. But Nintendo put that art there for a reason. The logos of the Zelda games are usually quite simplistic, only using the most imporant main elements from the game. So, it could be, that the Dark World in this new game isn't actually the Dark World from A Link to the Past (which shouldn't exist anymore anyway), but the "Unsacred Realm" for this new Dark Triforce.

And remember Demise's Dark Mastersword, that had a dark inverted Triforce on it? ... Man, the potential! Sadly, like with Demise's sword, Nintendo probably won't do anything big here...

The new video also shows the Fire Rod, which as expected uses the new "Magic Meter". I wonder if the Cane of Somaria will still be in the game. Actually that item might be interesting in the new painting mode. For example you could create steps that Link can use to ascend while being a painting. As for the painting mode, I still don't like the feature, because it looks so silly. But... the way you can navigate the Easter Palace area with it simply amazed me. It does fit really well with the world of A Link to the Past.

Most of the new footage is from the early game though. I would be interested how hard the game will get. A Link to the Past had just the perfect difficulty level. Not as frustating as the NES games, but certainly not as easy as modern Zelda. I really hope they don't dumb it all down... but they probably will.

Also... they should offer the demo level as a download for the 3DS!


K2L said...

Kickass name. That is all! ^-^

Frédéric said...

I don't really like the typo of "A link between worlds"... Looks a bit childish. Otherwise, I also doubt all your ideas will be used at their best - we could have something better than the DS games, but not as much as a Link to the Past, and don't even think of Link's Awakening...

MonkeyWrench said...

What instantly came in my mind when I read 'bout that Dark-Triforce thing where those three flames from the Oracle Games.

Maybe there's something about it?!

TourianTourist said...


Yes, I thought the same. I even had listed them in the post above: Sorrow, Despair and Destruction