Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oracle of Ages & Seasons - Random Rings Guide

It appears that there's no English guide helping you with the random nature with the rings in Oracle of Ages & Seasons. 31 Magic Rings are gotten randomly from different sources. Usually you would just get the info "Maple/Gasha Nut", which isn't really helpful, since there are multiple tiers and different sources and Gasha Spots yield different results. In German we do have good guides about this topic, so I decided to translate this into English to help everyone, who's struggling right now with the rings on the 3DS Virtual Console.

First I'll list all the random rings. They come in five different tiers.

Tier 1:

• Cursed Ring
• Blue Luck Ring*
• Green Holy Ring*
• Blue Holy Ring*
• Red Holy Ring*
• Octo Ring*
• Moblin Ring*
• Like Like Ring*

Tier 2:

• Maple's Ring
• Toss Ring*
• Roc's Ring
• Quicksand Ring*
• Red Luck Ring*
• Whisp Ring
• Zora Ring
• Fist Ring

Tier 3:

• Power Ring L-2*
• Heart Ring L-2
• Red Joy Ring
• Gasha Ring
• Peace Ring
• Whimsical Ring*
• Protection Ring*

Tier 4:

• Expert's Ring
• Charge Ring
• First Gen Ring
• Bombproof Ring*
• Energy Ring
• Dbl. Edged Ring

Tier 5:

• Green Ring
• Rang Ring L-2

The rings marked with * can also be gotten from fixed places, like a chest or in a minigame.

Now I will list the sources for the random ring a long with their offered tiers in square brackets. The Gasha Spots are listed in the order, how you normally would get access to them (this order can be broken though).

Maple [2-3]
Chest Game (3 consecutive chests) [1]
Chest Game (4 consecutive chests) [2]
Chest Game (5 consecutive chests) [3]

Oracle of Ages Gasha Spots:

• Lynna Village, toilet house [1-2]
• Yoll Graveyard [2-4]
• Talus Peaks (past), east of Restoration Wall [2-4]
• South Shore (past) [1-2]
• Crescent Island (present), on the hill [2-4]
• Crescent Island (present), small island in the northeast [2-4]
• Crescent Island (past), One Eyed Tokay Statue [3-5]
• Nuun Highlands [2-4]
• Fairies' Woods [1-2]
• Rolling Ridge Base (past) [1-3]
• Rolling Ridge (past) [1-3]
• Rolling Ridge (present), south of Target Carts [1-3]
• Talus Peaks (past) [1-2]
• Talus Peaks (present) [1-3]
• Zora Village (past) [2-4]
• Sea of Storms (present), Linked Game only [3-5]

Note how certain early spots like Yoll Graveyard yield good results, while certain hard to reach spots like at Talus Peaks are pretty bad. The best spot in the game is definitely the one in front of the One Eyed Tokay statue in the past. You can reach this spot with your raft right after Level 3, so you have early access to it in the game. You can get the very useful Green Ring even before Level 4!

Oracle of Seasons Gasha Spots:

• Horon Village. at Mayor's house [1-2]
• North Horon, at Impa's house [1-2]
• Woods of Winter [1-2]
• Temple Remains, entrance [1-3]
• Holodrum Plain, riverside [1-3]
• Spool Swamp, floodgate [1-2]
• Spool Swamp, southeast corner [1-3]
• Eyeglass Lake [2-4]
• Sunken Village [1-2]
• Holodrum Plain, small island [1-3]
• Goron Mountain, east of Temple Remains [3-5]
• Mt. Cucco base [1-2]
• Mt. Cucco (fall), by the Flying Rooster [2-4]
• Tarm Ruins [3-5]
• Samasa Desert [1-3]
• Western Coast [1-2]

Yes, the last spot, which you can find in the game, is not better than the ones in the beginning... The best spot is at Tarm Ruins. Easy to access (there's a warp point right next to it) and best results. Before you get there you can use the hidden spot next to the lower entrance to Goron Mountain. But it's hard to navigate there. However, if you've gotton Dimitri's Flute you can get there even before Level 3.

To get the Piece of Heart from a Gasha Nut, you need a spot, that offers level 4 or 5. And as you can see, in both games there are only two spots available for the Green Ring and the Rang Ring L-2.

Killing more enemies yields different (eventually better) results. Normally a tree grows after 20 killed beasts, the Gasha Nut after 40. If you wear the Gasha Ring those values are halfed, so the Nut will grow after 20 kills.

I hope this helps. I plan to write a full ring guide in the near future.


Lankelink said...

Thank you for this useful post! I will use it to farm rings easier :D

Lankelink said...

I also have a question. What is the best method to farm rupees and rings for the Rupee Ring and 100th Ring?

Thanks in advance!

TourianTourist said...


Rupee Ring:
Use the Red or Gold Joy Ring, which gives you double Rupees when you pick them up. Take your shovel and dig around. Rarely you will uncover a large blue Rupee, which normally is worth 100, but with the Joy Rings you get 200.

Do this in an area with many enemies (in Ages the best place is the east base of Rolling Ridge in the present) and you will eventually reach 10.000 Rupees.

Everything counts towards your score. Rupees found in treasure chests, won in minigames, etc.

Keep buying Gasha Seeds from the money, so you can plant and harvest rings for the 100th Ring.

100th Ring:
I find this not too hard to get, as long as you keep planting Gasha Trees and collecting rings from Maple or minigames. When farming rings, focus on one (save)game.

This is actually important. To get the rings, you need to meet the requirements in ONE savegame. Your amounts of collected Rupees and appraised rings doesn't get transferred between the games.

Lankelink said...

I want to thank you again for this post. I finally got all the gasha rings thanks to you. Now I'm working in the rupee and 100th ring and then I will be able to start my hero linked ages playthrough.

TourianTourist said...

I'm happy that I could help!