Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 Mini Hype

I'm neglecting this blog as of late, but that's mainly because there was no big Zelda news except for Hyrule Warriors in the last months and I'm usually writing my share of Zelda of things for ZeldaEurope, where I don't feel like repeating these things here again.

But tomorrow is a big day and we can all be officially excited. Zelda U is going to be shown most definitely. They promised. And we will probably learn how the games looks like, how it will play like and what it will revolve around. I'm guessing something more with a bow or with maps would work good with the GamePad. Or something like the Lens of Truth. We only know that it's going to focus on exploration and an open world (which I love), so maybe doing something major with maps could be it. Or maybe just don't focus on a big gimmick for once, but with the Wii U GamePad the chances for this are very slim. However, with less than 24 hours left I won't think about that too much now.

Hyrule Warriors will be important as well. They already announced that they are going to show more playable characters and I'm eager to learn, who they will be and how they'll play like. That is already set and ensure some fun tomorrow, no matter how the other announcements are going to look like.

And there's still Majora's Mask 3D or something with Majora's Mask in general. They didn't do all these teasers last year for nothing. Of course it all could be that the new Wii U game will be tied to Majora's Mask in some way, like Nintendo Life is speculating. But I'm still hoping for MM3D, plain and simple.

On the non-Zelda stuff I'm hot for Metroid. It's been too long.

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