Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: The Soul Gate

The story is coming together more and more. Remember, how the previous hero was said to have split the great evil into four parts, one hidden in the current realm of Hyrule and three of the vanished into time and space? It looks like Cia is using the Soul Gate to retrieve the three other parts by opening portals to these places. One obviously leads to the Twilight Realm and the Hyrule from Twilight Princess, the Era of Twilight. A second one seems to be connected to the N64 Zelda games. I'm guessing it leads to Termina, because of the moon, so this is the Child Era.

How it links to the world of Skyward Sword is not entirely clear, but I still like to think that the game takes place some time after the game, like in the Era of Prosperity, where the Hyrule Kingdom got established. Even if it's placed in an alternate dimension, this alternate dimension still could have had Skyloft and the like. This might even explain, why we have the Statue of the Goddesses still on Skyloft, as it gets destroyed.

But I hope that the Skyward Sword era doesn't have its own portal, because I still would like to see a link to Lorule, so that we get Hilda, Ravio and Yuga as playable characters. Of all the remaining games, A Link Between Worlds would be the one with the most potential, still fitting into the overall style of Hyrule Warriors.

(Update: by now it's confirmed that the Skyward Sword era has its own portal and also that A Link Between Worlds wasn't taken into consideration, because the game wasn't released during the planning stages of Hyrule Warriors!)

Of course it could just be that Cia opened portals to many different time periods by trial and error, so we span the entire timeline. But with games like The Wind Waker or Spirit Tracks it's obviously not so easy to fit them in, without changing the style of these worlds and their characters completely. They obviously aimed for the more realistic 3D Zelda games with this. Mainly because they can easily reuse the assets from these games. I still hope that Lorule finds its way into Hyrule Warriors though, it would also make a great system, where Hyrule is connected to Lorule, Termina and the Twilight Realm at the same time. Also, Ravio and Hilda could look really awesome and badass, if you made them look more realistic.

However, this all means that we can say good-bye to certain character ideas including Medli, Vaati and Byrne ... well, actually that's it from my list, most of my character ideas have been from the more realistic Zeldas anyway. Onox could still fit in somewhere and he matches the Warriors style too perfectly to ignore him. Or simply have a boss similar to his design. After all he is just some pimped Iron Knuckle.

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