Friday, June 27, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Character Wish List per Game

So, let's say, it's really just the games Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and mayyybe A Link Between Worlds that will have character appearances in Hyrule Warriors, meaning that the post-Skyward Sword'ish Hyrule in the game gets connected to the Twilight Realm and Lands, Termina and Lorule by Cia, which makes the most sense. Let's make lists with potential characters from each of these games. For the fun of it. It seems like every character has a defined weapon, so I'll try to add something that would make sense.

Skyward Sword (current era):

  • Scrapper (Scrap Hands)
  • Groose IV (Bazooka)
  • Fi (Blade Wings)
  • Ghirahim (both his different swords from SS)
  • Demise (Dark Master Sword)

I'm not a fan of Fi, but having her as some blade spirit character, dancing through hordes of enemies and cutting them in the act, could be pretty awesome. And if the enemy characters will be playable, as many hope, the three dragons could act nicely as large bosses.

Twilight Princess (link to the Twilight Realm and Lands):

  • Dangoro (Magnetic Gloves)
  • Hero's Spirit (Hero's Sword)
  • Yeto (???)
  • Ganondorf (Sword of the Sages from TP, dual sabers from TWW, Trident from classic games)
  • real Midna (???)

Well, we already got quite some characters from TP. Ashei is a name, I see popping up here and there, but overall I didn't like her that much in the game or any of the Resistance members. Purlo could work as a realistic Tingle replacement, however, his fighting style would be in question. I definitely want Princess Midna (her humanoid form) form as a playable character, because she's so pretty.

Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask (link to Termina):

  • Shiek (some Ninja weapon stuff)
  • Darunia (Megaton Hammer)
  • Saria (Fairy Ocarina)
  • Ruto (some water magic stuff?)
  • Nabooru (halberd or dual scimitars)
  • Shadow Link (Shadow Master Sword)
  • Phantom Ganon (Phantom Staff)
  • Twinrova (Fire & Ice Rod)

  • Deku Butler's Son or the Deku Princess (Deku Nuts or Deku Leaf)
  • Darmani (Goron Fists)
  • Mikau (his guitar, spear or Fin Blades)
  • Tingle (Tingle Balloon)
  • Skull Kid (Flute)
  • Fierce Deity (Double Helix Sword)
  • Majora's Wrath (Blade Whips)
  • Gomess (Dark Scythe)
  • Garo Master (Dual Flaming Blades)
  • Igos du Ikana (Broadsword)

To me it would make sense to only use Termina, since this world has counterparts for most characters from OoT. But I doubt that they would leave out all the stuff from Ocarina of Time. Especially having Darunia with the Megaton Hammer and Nabooru as fighters would be awesome, I'd really like to see these two. On the other hand I definitely want Mikau instead of any other Zora, but we don't really need Darmani AND Darunia... as for Saria, the Dynasty Warriors series actually has characters fighting with musical instruments, so she might become something similar.

A Link Between Worlds (link to Lorule):

  • Ravio (Tornado Rod)
  • Hilda (her staff)
  • Osfala (Sandrod)
  • Yuga (Painter Staff)

Imagine a Ravio in the style of Link in this game and Hilda in the style of Zelda! ALBW could also act as a portal to lots of classic 2D Zelda stuff including characters from the Oracle games. After all these games are all from the same timeline. With that being said, I'd actually like to see some characters from the Oracle games as well:

  • Din (Rod of Seasons)
  • Nayru (Harp of Ages)
  • Farore (Book of Secrets)
  • Onox (Ball & Chain)

Farore fighting with a magic book might be too similar to Lana though. It's the same reason, why I didn't include Veran, because we already have Cia.

There's also the open question of mounts. Some Warrior games had them and it would be interesting to incorporate horse battles like in Twilight Princess. Next to Epona you could have Moosh and Dimitri as mounts, the Bokoblin boars from TP or even Loftwings.

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