Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Super Smash Bros. 4 looks unexciting and uninspired, gets owned by Hyrule Warriors

Just today's screenshot perfectly sums up everything I think about Smash 4 at the moment. How lazy can they be? "Hey, I heard, you guys want Link's Skyloft clothes as a costume in Smash 4, so we made it into a color for his tunic..." I just get more and more the impression that Sakurai and his team didn't really want to work on a new Smash Bros, so they're just making Brawl Version 1.1 and be done with it. Take Super Smash Bros. Brawl, swap the stages, add some new characters, replace the Subspace Emissary with that Smash Run mode, ready is the new Smash.

There's nothing new or exciting about this. You can customize the B-moves, which is nice, but only really used for Palutena. Why can't there be different weapons/attacks for Link as well? And otherwise I don't see anything of relevance. One simple thing I wanted is actual costumes. Instead of just changing the color of the character, gives us different clothes. Every other fighting game does it and I didn't how lazy Brawl's color skins were. They did it for the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer, you can ever swap the gender with these characters(!), so why not for the fan favorites? For Link I wanted his Skyward Sword clothes, for Toon Link the blue shirt from The Wind Waker and his conductor uniform from Spirit Tracks. Instead we get these lazy paint jobs.

Also... compile a list of playable characters, which fans wanted for the game... Dark Samus? Make that an assist trophy! Ridley? We just copy the stage from DOA:Dimensions! Midna? Assist Trophy! Ghirahim? You can bet, he will be an Assist Trophy as well... Impa? We just give you Sheik again as its own playable character!

I do in fact like that they separated Sheik and Zero Suit Samus (the latter probably my most anticipated character in the roster), but I'm sick of Sheik and seeing the exact same characters for Zelda again. Only the princess offers something new with the Phantom Smash, but they all have the same lame Ultra Smash again and so on.

But the less I get excited for Smash 4, the more I get excited for Hyrule Warriors. Wanna play as Midna or Impa? Not a problem there. And with the announcement of Agitha you can be sure that Hyrule Warriors will offer every fan favorite from the Zelda franchise. Hyrule Warriors does, what Smash 4 doesn't.

It's really just Brawl Version 1.1, it doesn't feel like a new game. Like the next big step for Smash. And those ridiculous Amiibos certainly don't help with the situation either.

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