Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: WTF Announced for 2015

What... was... that...?

Seriously, I loved the whole part with the beautiful landscape in the background, where Aonuma talked about a world without borders, where you can go and explore anywhere. For someone like me, for whom exploration is the most important thing about Zelda, that all sounded quite nice, even though I don't need a massive world, I need an interesting world. If it's all just empty and boring like in Twilight Princess, it's no good to have large open landscapes. But it looked really beautiful, I have to say:

Also, it seemed like the game uses a fixed camera... which I think is very weird. But I could make peace with that, if the whole thing suddenly didn't went madshit with a giant crawling laser-robo-octorok-spider-thingy blasting the whole environment into pieces and yet another cel shaded Link going into battle using the Tek Bow from Turok 2. What the hell was that? Looked like some generic PS/XBox action game, but not Zelda.

At least it looks like I was right with my prediction about the bow being very important in this game. It was even his primary weapon, Link didn't have a sword in the footage! (Or whoever that is. Aonuma seems to be fishy about it.)

Also, my idea about changing the environment by drawing on the GamePad might also make sense. If the Cyber Octorok is able to destroy the environment, like the bridge above the water, there should be some way to repair it. Unless the whole sequence is scripted, but that would be lame.

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K2L said...

It looks a lot more sophisticated than SS, TP or TWW (even the HD remake). Gonna look forward to this.