Friday, September 26, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Epona Announced

Well, I assumed that we might get a surprise with the first new weapon and it certainly was!

I was hoping that Link wouldn't get new weapons for now. He already has four/five different ones and other characters certainly are in more need of new weapons. My Link is already on Level 99, so there's no real reason to keep playing with him for now.

However, in a way this weapon makes a lot of sense. Epona was already in the game in Link's sword victory pose and Koei Tecmo already made two weapons, which had the sole purpose of making other characters in the game playable...

I wouldn't wonder, if the new weapon in the Twilight Princess pack actually was True Midna, so that both new weapons are in a way new playable characters... :D I'm fine, as long as Fierce Deity Link won't be a costume... that's probably the only way how they could disappoint me, while I'm open minded about everything else with this fun game.

Another possibility would be giving Ganondorf his horse as a weapon, so Link and Ganondorf could duel on horses again.

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