Friday, September 26, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Progress Update

Getting close to the 100% here. But man, this game... so much to do! Around 220 hours now.

Well, I have two weapon upgrades left (Lvl 3 Parasol and Lvl 3 Portal), eight more Skulltulas in Adventure Mode and quite some Heart Pieces and Heart Containers, mostly from annoying single battles.

This is what I just got:

The mission to get it was really tough, even with a Level 99 Link I only did very little damage, so it was hard to finish in 15 minutes. Link was by the way my first level 99 character. Zelda is getting close though, she's on level 92. Guess, I like playing with these two the most.

I really want to finish everything until October 16th, so then I can fully focus on the new characters and missions. Though unlocking all the badges might take a while. Especially Agitha and Fi, who both need lots of Imprisoned Scales... ugh.

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