Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyrule Warriors: Twilight Princess Pack Speculation

Now with the first new weapon being revealed to be Epona, I was putting more thoughts into what the next pack could offer, especially its weapon. Here I now see three interesting possibilities:

1) True Midna
Well, they already teased a 2nd weapon for Midna on the E3 and since she doesn't user her shackles anymore, the "weapon" or whatever it is would be wielded in her true form. Of course it could also make sense to have true Midna as her own character, because she has a different model, which might collide with future costumes (but those costumes could also work for both forms). The only problem is the actual weapon. I know that I want to see the real Midna, but I have no real ideas what she could fight with, except maybe the Dominion Rod. This is still a likely scenario, but after Epona I also got another idea...

2) Dark Horse
Link is not the only character in the game, who makes an intro on his horse. Ganondorf does so as well and it would be awesome and only very fair, if he received a similar weapon type, so he could duel Link on a horse again. This fits in the Twilight Princess pack very nicely, because that's the game, where Ganondorf did a horse battle. You could even use the ghost riders as one of his combos. The more I think about this idea, the more I want it.

3) But Net
Agitha was designed to be a weak character, which is allright. It makes sense for her and a game like this also needs some more challenging characters. Agitha was the perfect choice here. But what bugs me (pun intended) is that they designed her Adventure Mode missions around her weaknesses and made them very hard. The Lvl3 Parasol is the only weapon, which I haven't unlocked yet, because of this. So, it would be nice, if Agitha received a better weapon in the future. However, they already struggled with designing her first moveset, so getting ideas for yet another one might be difficult. So, it's probably more likely that we're going to see one of the first two options or something entirely unexpected again.

With the character slot, if it's not true Midna, I'm going to say that Yeto is still the best candidate. He brawls around and his weapon type would be "Fish" with the Reekfish and Hylian Loach being different tiers. The Hero's Spirit with a "Four Sword" moveset is another good possibility. But I honestly have to say that I'm more excited about the new weapon than the new character at this moment. The other games have more interesting characters left.

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