Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Even More 8-Bit Weapons revealed

crediar has posted even more 8-Bit weapons:

We get:

  • 8-Bit Magical Sword as Impa's Naginata
  • 8-Bit Bait as Darunia's Hammer
  • 8-Bit Clock as Ruto's Scale

Hey, I was at least right about the Hammer being the bait on a stick...! :D It's also perfect for the Majora's Mask Pack, since it resembles the Rock Sirloin from the game, which was an item for the Gorons. In hindsight the Clock makes a lot of sense as the scale, because it's already like a pendant. And the Magical Sword was the Naginata after all!

That still leaves the Baton, the Portal and maybe the three original villains. I could imagine the following:

  • Portal: 8-Bit Compass
  • Baton: 8-Bit Recorder
  • Scepter: 8-Bit Heart on a stick
  • Dragon Spear: 8-Bit Bombs on a stick
  • Ring: 8-Bit Blue Ring

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