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Hyrule Warriors: Mask Costume Predictions

I decided to split this from my previous post, since I was having some new ideas about this.

So, take a look again at the screenshot of the 8-Bit Fairy:

If you pay close attention to Impa in the lower right corner, you can see her wearing the Mask of Truth! Those are probably the new unlockables on the Termina Adventure Map. This would even explain, why Darunia and Ruto already got Majora's Mask themed recolors on the Master Quest map.

Well, I had this idea a while ago that the characters could get masks as potential costumes. However, there's the problem that you could basically combine the mask with each costume or at least each default costume, like it's done with Cia.

It would be awesome, if it's a separate option entirely. Like pressing Y in the costume selection brings up the mask and it works with all costumes. But I doubt that they went through this kind of trouble. So, it's probably just going to be the very default costume, which gets a mask variant. If we're lucky, all color variants get the mask as well, but this would basically double the amounts of costumes for most characters.

Well, let's think about, what masks could go to what character:

  • Link: Kafei's Mask
  • Impa: Mask of Truth
  • Sheik: Gibdo's Mask
  • Lana: Postman's Hat or Keaton Mask??
  • Zelda: Bremen Mask??
  • Ganondorf: Mask of Scents
  • Darunia: Don Gero's Mask
  • Ruto: Couple's Mask
  • Agitha: Bunny Hood or Romani's Mask??
  • Midna: Stone Mask or Captain's Hat??
  • Zant: Giant's Mask
  • Fi: Kamaro's Mask??
  • Ghirahim: All-Night Mask??
  • Cia: Bunny Hood??
  • Volga: Blast Mask
  • Wizzro: Garo's Mask

Some of these are just wild guesses, others are more meaningful. I marked those, where I'm not exactly sure, with question marks. You might exclude the Keaton Mask and the Postman's Hat, since those are already featured in some other way throughout the game. And maybe the same applies to the Great Fairy's Mask, since there's already the Great Fairy. Majora's Mask might be also off limits, though it would be cool to have it on Midna. And I didn't include the four transformation masks and the four boss remains. That leaves 17 masks for a total of 16 characters. So, basically all but one mask could get featured in this game. The missing one is will probably be the Circus Leader's Mask, because why would you want to make any character look like Gorman?

First of all: Cia. She needs the Bunny Hood. It would look so awesome on her and it's the one mask, which wouldn't get in the way with her normal mask. Of course the Bunny Hood would also be great for Agitha, Zelda or Lana, but Cia's regular mask kind of prevents her from having most of the masks in the game. Unless of course they make it so that only her hatless version gets a mask. In that case she could wear anything, but I still would prefer the Bunny Hood for her, since she would wear that to make herself look cute for Link. :D

The Mask of Scents would be a nice fit for Ganondorf, since it makes him look like pig Ganon. I thought about the Bremen Mask for Zelda, because it would be a nod to the Valkyrie outfit that they had planned for her and maybe even to Loftwings. Sheik gets the Gibdo's Mask because of the bandages. And many wanted a Kafei costume for Link, so I guess that's a good fit. Also, since Kafei is one of the few characters, which the player could control in the main series.

I was thinking about giving Darunia and Ruto the Goron and Zora Masks, but this would be too silly. However, the Don Gero's Mask was originally used by a Goron, so that's a good fit for Darunia. And Ruto could get the Couple's Mask, since she's Link's fiancee.

For Zant the Giant's Mask is the perfect fit. It's very similar to his normal helmet and could simply replace it. And it fits his fighting style very well, where turns into a giant. I'm not sure about Midna though. She could have the Stone Mask, because it reflects, how she can be just a shadow. It also looks similar to the Ordon Shield, which she wore as a mask in Twilight Princess. She could also get the Captain's Hat, if it replaces the Fused Shadow. It could also be a reference to how she commands Stalchilds early in Legend Mode.

Agitha and Lana are also big question marks. Both could have the Bunny Hood, but the Romani's Mask could also work for both of them. Romani always called Link "Grasshopper", which could be related to Agitha, and for Lana it would go along well with Cuccos. But Cia I could only imagine with the Bunny Hood and maybe with the Bremen Mask, but nothing much else. Lana on the other hand could also work with the Keaton Mask or the Postman's Hat, even though I excluded them earlier. But it would allow a partner look for her and (Young) Link.

Looking at Agitha her headband already has a similar shape to the Bunny Hood, so it's actually likely that she will get that one...

I gave Kamaro's Mask to Fi because of all the dancing she does. I'm not sure about Ghirahim... he could have the All-Night Mask though, since it fits his style very nice. Volga is good fit for the Blast Mask, since he likes to go boom.

And I wanted a Garo costume for Wizzro for a while now, so you could just have the Garo's Mask replacing his head. If they also recolor the rest of the costume in brown, I would essentially get the Garo costume that I wanted. Maybe some other mask costumes will also result in recolors. In that case it really will be just one costume and not mask variants for all costumes.

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Davide Romeo said...

I've let my fantasy run, and I came up with some (unlikely, but who knows?) ideas.

First off, what if every character could wear every mask and every mask has a specific purpose?
Some examples:

STONE MASK - could let you pass through minions (not captains) without being attacked. This could help in those "don't get hit" missions.
GREAT FAIRY MASK - could draw the elemental fairy as soon as yu enter the keep, no need to conquer it, or it could simply replace the fairy altogether (you walk in with the mask, the barrier is dispelled)

There are also a lot of masks looking like enemies. These could work just like when you approach the yellow armies and they begin fighting alongside you. Before saying that this machanic would break the game, take notice that by the time you're able to even attempt to get the mask, you are probably going to be lvl 150+, so past missions would be a piece of cake either way, while Termina missions would be constructed around this mechanic. It would work like this:
BREMEN MASK: approach a Cucco captain and they join you
CAPTAIN'S HAT: same with Stalfos
- etc.

Last but not least, "elemental masks": these would add elemental damage to your weapon. Useful if you're restricted to use a character which doesn't have the recommended element.
ZORA MASK: water
ALL NIGHT MASK: darkness
(KEATON???): lightning

I know it's highly unlikely that masks would have a purpose other than changing the looks, but little or big twists like these could really breath some variety into the game (you'd have to carefully choose which mask to wear in a specific battle)