Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: No DLCs after the Hero of Hyrule Set

I already expected as much and now it's semi-official, but the Community Manager of KOEI TECMO Europe confirmed via Twitter that there won't be any more DLC for Hyrule Warriors:

HW DLC project had all been final and done a while ago the Dev team is now on new projects

But this makes sense, since it all looks very final to me. With the Majora's Mask Pack and the update to version 1.5 all characters will most likely reach the maximum of 45 Heart Containers. The third row of hearts already got squeezed in for the DLC, so I doubted that there would ever be a fourth row. All original weapons with the exception of the Master Sword are getting an 8-Bit version. The Rewards Map will be finalized. It simply looks complete now and with hundreds of hours of play time no one can complain that this game didn't offer enough to do.

Maybe it was lackluster in variety though. The DLC added new characters, weapons, costumes and Adventure Maps, however, the new missions are all based on the original game's content. There were no new stages, no new troops, no new captains, no new giant bosses, etc. It already felt like only half of the development team was working on the DLC.

Of course they always could add more weapons, characters and costumes, since those are completely separate, but characters are more fun, if you actually have goals for them other than leveling up. And I got my Ocarina of Time costumes for Shiek and Impa, so from my end there's no real need for additional costume packs, though I probably wouldn't mind.

And I would not underestimate the final update. Well, the two new gametypes in the Boss / Ganon pack most likely won't be anything major, since the pack is very cheap. I suspect that it will include a Survival Mode and/or maybe a Boss Battle mode. But it should be something, where you really want to have maxed out characters to get best scores. Something, where all those 45 Heart Containers really matter (they never do in Adventure Mode thanks to the A ranks).

As a reward they could give you the Dark costumes for everyone, including Link (in case you didn't get the Hero of Hyrule set). So, there's an incentive to play the new game modes with every single character, maybe even the DLC ones. Maybe the 2nd game mode gives you the fake / ghost / Wizzro imposter costumes for everyone. The game only shows you Fake Lana and Fake Zelda, but it's probably just a simple filter that can be used on every default model, much like the Dark costumes.

And I suspect that the last update will finally offer more free challenges in Challenge Mode. It makes the most sense here, because this is the point, where you have the maxed out characters to take on some challenges.


wintercoast said...

King Bulblin was a new captain in the Twilight Princess Map. Just sayin'.

TourianTourist said...

Now you're splitting hairs. He's basically just an upscaled version of the normal Bulblin captains.