Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC 100%

Whew... that was annoying. The Twilight Map was hell. Every little mook can cause multiple hearts of damage. One little mistake and your A rank is gone. It's the recipe for frustration, but luckily I found the solution in form of the Item Power-up mixture. It works on any battle and with any character. Just snipe every enemy, which can be targeted, with the Sacred Bow from a safe distance and blast mooks with the Power-up Bombs. It takes its time, but it's never too slow for the 15 minute time limit.

I haven't exactly gotten the 100% yet. I got all weapons, costumes, Heart Pieces, Heart Containers and Skulltulas, but I'm still missing a few A ranks, as well as the medal for receiving 100 amiibo gifts. I only have the Link amiibo (got one for free from Nintendo), so the latter takes its time. I could just keep changing the date on the Wii U system, but I'm not in a hurry to get that medal, since I think I will play the game long enough to get it eventually. The remaining A ranks on the Twilight map shouldn't be a big issue; for the most part it's missions, where you get costumes, which I have played very early on. By now all my characters are at Level 150, so things go down a lot more quickly.

Well, all characters but one: Twili Midna is still around Level 60. Since she's not required for any missions, I only play her for fun. And it's even better, if I can combine fun with breaking some weapon seals. I'm hoping to get a Legendary seal for her at one point, because then I probably use her more often.

Apropos weapon seals... I really hope one of the updates gives us the possibility to pay for seals. Make it like 10 Rupees for every K.O. at max to unlock them. I always want to know, what's under the seals, in case it's something useful. Sometimes you can test it, if there's an open slot and you already have the same skill on another weapon. If you try to transfer it, it will complain that you can't have the same skill twice (as opposed to having two skills from the same category). But that only works in rare cases and actually breaking the seals is usually not worth the effort, because there are only one or two skills in each category that I find useful, so the majority of the time you get junk. But if you could simply pay for the seals, it would save a lot of time and disappointment.

For the other characters my approach was to focus on one character at a time, after uncovering the Twilight Map. I would level the character to Level 150 and then complete his or her missions on the Twilight Map. While leveling up I also managed to break more Legendary seals for most of the characters. They are actually not that useful, if you only have them on a Lvl 3 weapon. Especially on the Twilight Map the difference in damage output is only minor. They are more useful, if you prefer a Lvl 1 or 2 weapon because of its looks and you want these weapons not to lack in power.

And of course I still haven't A ranked the Boss Rush. But that's because I haven't played this missions with any Level 150 character yet. And I probably won't return to this nasty mission, until all the updates got released. Maybe there will be a defense mixture or something else, which additionally helps you with fighting.

Other than that I'm still hoping that the Majora's Mask Map will aim at an easier difficulty again. While the Twilight Map is doable, it's just a lot more fun, if you can go at things normally and don't have to be afraid to use normal attacks all the time. But I suppose it would make sense to have each aim emulate a different of the four main difficulties, but with a twist. First Adventure Map was just normal and the Master Quest Map was easy, but it had the rules. The Twilight Map is "Hero" difficulty, but it gives double drops. And the Mask Map will have "Hard" difficulty and uses lots of time limits. But we'll see about that soon enough.

Another interesting point is the Wii U ... I really miss the possibility to backup save files. On the Wii it was easy using SD cards, but there's no such thing for the Wii U. Even on the Wii it already irked me that you couldn't backup the savegame of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where I put around 300 hours into the game. But with Hyrule Warriors I'm looking at 500+ hours now. That's not a savegame you want to lose ... ever.

You can copy your savegame on an external hard drive, however, you have to copy the entire game, since you can't just copy save data on its own, which is annoying. Also, if there's an issue with your Wii U and has to be reset, your hard drive needs to be formatted again as well and the existing data won't be recognized. So, making backups on a hard drive doesn't really help...

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