Friday, January 16, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Version 1.5 Info

In the past I had some ideas for more quality of life improvements in Hyrule Warriors and it looks like Koei Tecmo actually has taken on some of them according to their update page (see Koei Wiki for an English translation).

You can now delete skills in the smithy and also sell weapons, whenever you want. That's both awesome. There's also a new option to "check skills", though I'm not sure what this means. If it's an option to check what's below a weapon seal, then this would be helpful.

It still would be nice, if you could buy stars and additional slots and pay for seals, but the ability to delete skills is very welcome and should help with crafting good weapons. I have quite some weapons, which are near perfect, but have some useless skills on them. However, the thing I still want the most is the option to pay for seals, because unlocking them is getting very tiring.

However, they also increased the level cap yet again, so I will most likely unlock lots of seals anyway, while grinding the characters to the new maximum. Getting to Level 150 was already slow and boring, since you tend to repeat the same missions (like "Rack Up You KO Count 11 and 12" or "Divisive Plan 7 to 9") again and again, since they are the most efficient. But maybe there are also some new options to level up faster.

They improved the Adventure Mode so that it tells you, how much damage is left in percentage to the next rank. And you also have the option now to restart a mission, whenever you want. Both very useful additions. So far you had to keep track of your damage yourself and if you wanted to restart without loading the map, you had to kill yourself. If they now also add the ability to make saves like in Legend Mode, it would be perfect.

New potions get added. By now I don't really need a Materials+ potion anymore, but a Defense and/or Attack mixture would be awesome. Since I got 999 of Fi's Boots from leveling Darkness characters, I wouldn't even mind, if they'd use silver materials. But the game still needs Kokiri Tunic badges to increase defense on missions without any recommended element. That always has been an oversight and missions with recommended elements can be a real problem.

But I really hope that the new level cap doesn't mean that the Moon Map is going to be even harder... it would be nice to play the game normally again, instead of abusing the Power-up Bow all the time, just because every little scratch can cost you the A rank.

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