Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: One Final Character?

The character select screen in Hyrule Warriors Legends has space for 5 x 5 characters, that's 25 in total, while so far there only have been 24 announced. This already let me to believe that there would be one more character left last year.

Now, today Koei Tecmo showed the new character roster on the Wii U (video) and things have gotten even more apparent:

If they didn't plan to add at least one more character, then they would have set the column lower by one for a better fit.

We also know now all the element types of the new characters and weapons from Legends. It's pretty equal with only Water getting two new entries, which it really needed, since it was the only element, which didn't see any DLC weapons in Hyrule Warriors. This is the current count:

  • Light: 7
  • Darkness: 10
  • Fire: 7
  • Water: 6
  • Lightning: 6

But I would not focus too much on the element count anymore, it hasn't been balanced ever since the original game. My best guesses are either Toon Ganondorf or Groose.

So far Ganondorf is the only major character that didn't get an alternative version. Both Link and Zelda have three different outings by now and even Midna got two. Toon Ganondorf is quite different in his form than the other Ganondorfs, so he as an individual character could work. His attacks would yield the dual Katana and probably involve Puppet Ganon.

Then Skyward Sword didn't get all that much attention in the form of characters and Groose has been a popular request in the U.S., so this wish might come true. He would have some form of Bomb Flower shooting mortar as a new Fire type weapon. I would also love to see Batreaux from the game using dual scythes as his weapon of choice.

Ocarina of Time didn't get too much attention either, where Nabooru would make an awesome new character. There are also good character choices left from Majora's Mask like Mikau or the Deku Princess, but I doubt that we will see those before a potential Hyrule Warriors 2.

It also would make a lot of sense to have Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword DLC packs for Hyrule Warrios Legends, each offering a new Adventure Map with an 8-Bit-version of their worlds, since by now we got Adventure Maps for The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It seems like there is a new total of 60 Heart Containers, where you currently can get to 50. Probably 5 Heart Containers again per new Map. But we will see. (And apparently level 99 is the maximum again, thank Nayru! I really hope that they won't change this and that the overall difficulty is less tedious than on the Wii U.)

Maybe one pack comes with a new character and the other with a new weapon, like a Horse weapon for Ganondorf in the Ocarina of Time pack and Groose in the Skyward Sword pack.

Update: It turned out to be Medli with a Light type weapon (harp). And we're getting another column of DLC characters, at least four of them.

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Eren Jaeger said...

Personally thought it would be cool to see the Old Man from the original Zelda, using flames and the 3 sword tiers from the original. It would never happen though :P