Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Suggestions for Twilight Princess HD

We're getting new info about Twilight Princess HD in the next Famitsu, so this is probably the last time, where I can go all in with what I want from this remake, besides better graphics.

Optional Wii Controls

While I certainly will just play the game with the GamePad, it would be nice to keep the Wiimote and Nunchuk controls as an option. But I do have to wonder, how they will handle Link's handedness. On the Wii they mirrored the entire game to make him right-handed and it would be weird, if they kept this, because switching the control options would flip the entire game and confuse you.

But flipping the entire game was a rather radical last minute solution anyway, they just could have flipped Link's model and adapted his interactions instead, in order to keep the game world as it was supposed to be. And hopefully that's what Nintendo will be doing, if they decide to offer multiple control options.

Hero Mode

The game certainly was too easy, so having double or triple damage and no hearts might help with that. If they only do this, I want it to be an option like in The Wind Waker HD, which you can toggle on and off at any time. Or at least something that veteran players can chose right from the start. If there's a 2nd Quest, it should offer more than just the usual Hero Mode laziness. Which leads me to my next point...

2nd Quest

We didn't have a real Master Quest in a long time, so I would like to see something like that here. I guess, as a start they could use the mirrored world for a 2nd Quest similar to the Master Quest in Ocarina of Time 3D. This way the mirrored world wouldn't be lost, but it also wouldn't be a weird control scheme option.

And I never understand, why they can't just add more / tougher enemies. That should be like the minimum effort. I'm not expecting a full blown Master Quest all the time with reworked dungeons full of tricky puzzles and nasty traps. But in the very least increase the amount of dangerous enemies. Like in Tri Force Heroes they did this for the challenges of the Forest Area levels, but in later areas they completely forgot... Or the dungeons of A Link Between Worlds could have been so much more interesting with some more Eyegores in them...

Same here. Add some Darknuts to the Lakebed Temple and let me fight four of them in the Temple of Time. This stuff doesn't have to be exclusive to the Cave of Ordeals...

Boss Challenge

Well, at least the game has actually a Cave of Ordeals, but another neat feature is a Boss Rush, which would be awesome here, since some of the bosses are really fun to play, especially Stallord and Zant. Having an option to repeat those and set some records would be nice. Again, Ocarina of Time 3D shows, how it's done. Maybe they could even use Link's house for this again.

If there needs to be a reward, a bigger wallet (like 2000 Rupees) would help with another big problem in the game...


DON'T MAKE ME PUT THEM BACK IN A CHEST... DON'T TELL ME, HOW MUCH THEY ARE WORTH EVERY TIME I BOOT THE GAME... This was so annoying. Some bad choices were made here and this needs to be fixed for more quality playing time.

The main reason in Twilight Princess to collect Rupees was to buy the Magic Armor, so I could burn Rupees, whenever I wanted to collect more Rupees that I just found in a chest. And I don't care, if my wallet is full, I want to have opened all chests in the game and not backtrack later on for some Rupees. At least they should give you "Yes" or "No" option, if you want to put it back.

And telling you, how much blue, yellow or red Rupees are actually worth once per play session was hopefully just a stupid oversight in the original, which the testers failed to notice, because they never leave the game... Though it's much, much worse in Skyward Sword with the treasures, which is one of the reasons, why I would prefer Skyward Sword HD over this.

But with Twilight Princess they just would have to remove these messages, let you pick up Rupees, when your wallet is full, and maybe also give you a bigger wallet. 5000 Rupees might be too much, because of the Magic Armor, but 2000 Rupees would be nice to have.

Fifth Bottle

Majora's Mask 3D added a Bottle and so should Twilight Princess HD. And there needs to be one as a reward for the Cave of Ordeals. So, when you beat the Cave of Ordeals for the first time, you shouldn't just get a fill of Great Fairy's Tears, but a new bottle along with it for your efforts.

With The Wind Waker they changed the reward for the Savage Labyrinth twice (10 Rupees first in Japan, then a Piece of Heart and finally the Hero's Charm in the HD version). So, the Cave of Ordeals could use some similar treatment.

Better Poe Hunting

I don't really care, what it is, but I want something capable of changing the daytime, so I don't have to wait for it to be night again, whenever I'm hunting Poe Souls. It could be a new item like a "Twilight Hourglass". It could also be a feature in Midna's menu next to teleporting. Something.

Also, on the map it should give you a mark, when you found all Poe Souls in a certain area, like they did with the Golden Skulltulas in Ocarina of Time. And maybe some more rewards for collecting Poe Souls would be nice, e.g. if there actually is an item that changes the time of day, it could be gotten for 10 Poe Souls.


Rollgoal on the Wii U GamePad will be a thing, we all know it and no one is looking forward to it. I just hope that they will get rid of the eight "difficulty levels". Two would be more than enough. So, you beat the game once to get the Frog Lure and then you beat it again with strict time limit for the level select. There's no reason to have the same eight levels over and over again just with little less time. Or they could even make additional levels, which shouldn't be too hard...


Probably even worse than Rollgoal for the 100% gamers will be amiibo, if they lock too much content behind it. I will get the Special Edition with the Wolf Link amiibo, so I don't really mind, if this thing does unlock something. I just hope that all the other Zelda amiibo won't be strictly necessary, because I only have Link and I don't feel like buying the others...

But good use of amiibo doesn't just give you some silly one time unlocks, like some overpriced paywall. If amiibo were used right, they would do something cool in the game, whenever you scan them. Something fun, where you want to use the figurines again and again, but also something that you wouldn't miss, if you don't have them. Something like temporary costumes or boosts, changing the music, funny interactions with the environment, etc. You should have to actually keep using the amiibo for its features and not just as a one time key for ingame content.

At least the Wolf Link amiibo will have save data on it, which even carries over to Zelda U, but I have no clue, what it could do. So, I will comment on that, as soon as they reveal it. But I'm more worried about the Smash amiibo right now...

Include Link's Crossbow Training

Not going to happen, but it would be awesome to have this as an extra in the game. It re-uses all the assets anyway. This or I want Linkle's Crossbow Training later this year...


Eren Jaeger said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know (assuming you don't yet, which you probably do) that the Wolf Link amiibo's usage was confirmed to unlock a new dungeon called The Twilight Cave. Also, normal amiibo just unlock expendable items like arrows and hearts.

TourianTourist said...

Just saw it, thanks. Will post about it soon.