Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Twilight Princess HD: Ganondorf & Wolf Link amiibo Features

With the upcoming Famitsu there is more info about the use of (sc)amiibo in Twilight Princess HD and you can find the details here.

Trial of the Beast

So, this "Twilight Cave" turned out to be yet another Cave of Ordeals, this time with 40 floors, where you can only play as a wolf. Boring.

With the remakes Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D I was both times actually hoping for a trial dungeon like this. Now they finally add one, but it's for a game that already has one? Why, Nintendo? Oh, I know why: to sell amiibo...

However, it doesn't strike me as the biggest selling point, since you can already play through the Cave of Ordeals as a wolf. Nothing special here. It even seems like they put this new dungeon in the desert... how original!

The reward is the "Bottomless Wallet" holding 9999 Rupees (not just 2000 as I previously thought), which is the same maximum as in the Nintendo DS Zelda. Considering the Magic Armor it seems way too much and unbalanced, but I don't really care.

The part about the save data still isn't clear yet, but the way I understood it is that you can save your progress in the dungeon on the amiibo. You can then return to floor 35 or whatever, but you will have the same number of hearts as when you've saved. I guess it's not the worst way to use an external memory chip of 8KB, but I was hoping for something more intriguing. At least there seems to be an incentive to keep using the amiibo throughout the dungeon, instead of just using it to open the front door, which is good.

And even if it worked that way, the question remains, what Zelda U will do with the data. Will it just recognize the data to unlock something or will your progress in the Twilight Cave be actually meaningful? We will have to wait and see.

Ganondorf amiibo = Hero Mode²

Now here's some secondary amiibo use that I find clever! If you scan the Ganondorf amiibo, the Heart Meter turns temporarily blue and you will receive double damage during this duration. It's like a curse and it makes perfect sense with the Ganondorf amiibo that it actually would not help you, but Ganondorf in the game. I suppose, it will even stack with the official Hero Mode for an extra self-imposed challenge for whenever you feel like it.

According to Famitsu there won't be any rewards, you just use it to challenge yourself, which is good. It's similar to the Cursed Ring or the Bear Minimum outfit, before it got upgraded by Hero Points. And I like that.

This has it all right. It doesn't unlock anything, but instead it's used for an interesting temporary effect, which can be related to the character and where you might want to keep using the Ganondorf amiibo. Feel like the game is still too easy? Just scan Ganondorf to let him curse you!

I feel like this is an example, where amiibo was done right. This is something, where I might even want to buy the amiibo just for this game, but not because I feel forced to. You're not missing out, if you don't have the amiibo, since there's already the Hero Mode, but it's a worthwhile effect to have for the fun of it.

The other Zelda amiibo are not on par with this, they offer small cheats, which might came in handy, but nothing you really would want to have. For example scanning the Toon Link amiibo could change the music into tunes from The Wind Waker... But let's not give them too crazy ideas for the sake of our wallets and as long as I won't miss any content, I'm fine.

But overall I'm not too unhappy with the amiibo effects in this game and certainly not angry, like I felt with the Spinner in Hyrule Warriors. After Tri Force Heroes successfully avoided amiibo for its costumes (which is a good thing), I feel like the (sc)amiibo usage in Zelda U won't turn out too terrible after all.


Eren Jaeger said...

Really happy about Ganondorf, this at least means we can collect everything and still have the game be challenging.

Eduardo Jencarelli said...

While you can play through the Cave of Ordeals as Wolf Link, I don't think you can beat every enemy with it. I assume the new dungeon will be more specifically designed towards Wolf Link's attributes, including ledge hopping and all.

Unless, of course, it's somehow possible to beat Aeralfos and Darknuts using the wolf's energy attack and I somehow missed that.