Saturday, January 23, 2016

Twilight Princess HD: Poe Lantern?

Nintendo Minute posted a video tour of Twilight Princess HD last night and it revealed a couple more improvements. What they show directly is the quick transform, where you just have to tap the GamePad to transform between human and wolf, which sure is handy.

But there is something even more interesting. If you look at the HUD, you can spot a new lantern item on the Y button:

This isn't the classic lantern, which looks like this:

Nintendo of Europe updated their artworks for this game, which is where I got this image from, so the design of the normal Lantern hasn't changed. And the new item rather looks like the lanterns carried by Poes:

Now, this is very interesting! What could it do?

It could be an upgrade for the normal lantern, which doesn't require any oil. But that alone would be rather boring and unnecessary. And one of my suggestions for the HD release was a way to change time in the form of an item. And this could be it, it's even a very good choice. Whenever you take out the lantern, it turns night. Or Poes appear even during the day.

The main reason, why I want to change the daytime, is collecting Poes. So, as long as the Poe Lantern helps with that, I'm happy. It could also do both upgrade the normal lantern and act as a help for collecting Poes. We will see.

As to where you get it, it could simply be a reward for collecting a smaller number of Poe Souls, like 10 or 20. In the original this quests lacked some rewards, especially when compared to the different rewards you got from Skulltula hunting in Ocarina of Time. But in Twilight Princess you got a new bottle at 20 Poe Souls and the infinite Rupees at 60. It could make sense to change this up a little in order to squeeze the Poe Lantern in there somewhere. But it could also be hidden on Kakariko Graveyard, where it thematically would fit in very well.

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