Monday, January 11, 2016

Tri Force Heroes: Potential Coliseum Challenges

Today I've updated my post about Coliseum Improvements with a simple new idea: challenges.

I previously complained about not having a completely neutral arena and about the Wallmasters ruining fair duels. All of this could by solved by adding specific Drabland Challenges as optional rules to the arena. Those could be:

  • Evade the Wallmaster!
  • Avoid the volcanic rocks! / Don't get hit by snowballs!
  • Don't fall at all! / Avoid falling and quicksand!
  • Win without using a sword!
  • Fight in the dark!

So, instead of a Wallmaster appearing during every duel, this would become a challenge, where players can vote, what crazy things they want or not. And by default, the Sky arena wouldn't have any volcanic rocks anymore, but you can add them now to any arena; in case of the Snowland arena(s) it would even be snowballs.

I'm also more strongly obsessed with the idea of having multiple arenas per area. I mean, look at the Den of Trials! Pretty much every floor there could qualify as an arena for the Coliseum! These kind of places are easy to make and they would a lot more variety to the whole game mode.

Together with challenges the Coliseum wouldn't grow boring so easily.

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