Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector's Guide

Got this yesterday:

I also have the old one for Hyrule Warriors and there's only one good reason to get these guides: they include the official artbook in English translation and high resolution, which was otherwise only available in Japan as part as the Premium and Treasure Box sets. I think, in case of Hyrule Warriors: Legends the English artbook also was a preorder bonus here and there, but this still has the bigger pages:

It's nice to have this. Originally only the eGuide was supposed to have the artbook section, so I was positively surprised that the Collector's Edition guide also has it at the end. Because besides the artbook, there is no real reason to go for the guide. The Legend Mode scenario guides are well done for the most part, but the Adventure Mode guide is (still) a mess.

For some reason they completely inverted the chessboard notations. So, the bottom row is referenced by the letter "H" (instead of 1). And the entire Adventure Mode guide is just a list of mission statements and reward - things you can clearly see in the game. They don't even have the locations for the Gold Skulltulas or Fairy Rewards. They just briefly mention that you can find Skulltulas usually in the center of the web (which is not true at all) and Fairies inside pots, but not where exactly. They post outlines of the maps for every Adventure Battle, where only keeps with treasure chests are marked. Other than that the maps are completely useless, but make up a good chunk of the guide. The old guide for Hyrule Warriors had the exact same issues, but simply was a lot thinner...

This one is 448 pages strong, the same as the Twilight Princess (HD) guidebook. I wonder, if this really is the limit for Prima's printing machines, because this can't be coincidence... Lucky for them that they didn't have to cover the DLC Adventure Maps.

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