Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hyrule Warriors (Legends): Marin Announced

When I returned last evening I was greeted with some awesome character news about Hyrule Warriors: Marin just got confirmed at Wondercon 2016 last weekend.

She was probably everyone's best guess, including my own, so it's not the biggest surprise. It will still be amazing to see her in action and Koei Tecmo already delivers some beautiful concept art. She was basically my first video game crush and it will be nice to have her in 3D for the first time.

I also like playing as pretty females in video games and Hyrule Warriors really does deliver in this department. So, having Koei Tecmo work for the Zelda franchise, certainly has its merits, and over half of the roster is made of female characters. There are now 14 female and 12 male characters on board (if you count Sheik as female, that is). But if my predictions are right, this will change with the upcoming DLC, because unless they go for Hilda or Irene in A Link Between Worlds, the three new characters will most likely be male.

Anyway, Marin is the first character from a pure 2D Zelda game that will be turned into 3D art for Hyrule Warriors. This opens new possibilities, though there are not all too many potential characters in the classic Zelda games. Agahnim from A Link to the Past comes to mind, but he only fights with magic from his hands, which would be too similar to Wizzro and even lack a good weapon type like the Ring. But we'll see...

There's still the question about Marin's "weapon" as well, where they showed something that seems to be the Sea Lily's Bell. I really hope that she will direct all eight Instruments of the Sirens with her singing voice, because this would be the perfect fit. And it would be weird, if she only uses one of the instruments. It's not like the rest will get used by other characters, since we already have many musical instruments as (potential) weapons.

And we still don't know anything about Linkle's weapon yet, where my best theory was the Flying Rooster. Having played Linkle's campaign, where she even uses Cuccos for her army, it would be such a nice fit.

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