Friday, March 4, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Potential DLC Characters & Weapons

Hyrule Warriors Legends is getting four DLC packs and it's likely that they will yet again enhance the roster with some characters and weapons. I'm convinced that there will be packs for Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, because that's what we didn't get so far, with Adventure Maps for both games.

Also, with Medli The Wind Waker now has four characters in total - as many as Twilight Princess. The two games that are really behind with their characters are Ocarina of Time (not counting any costumes) and Skyward Sword, both with only at two representatives. So, that's where I expect any upcoming characters, mainly Nabooru and Groose, but maybe also Batreaux. Demise probably would be a costume, now that Toon Ganondorf also become one. After all Ganondorf's main weapon was heavily inspired by Demise and their statues are about the same.

Let's compile some list of things that I could see happening for the DLC packs with characters from the already featured games, new weapons and costumes.

New Characters:

  • Nabooru (with Sabres or Battle Axe)
  • Mikau (with Guitar)
  • Deku Princess (with Deku Pipes)
  • Makar (with Violin)
  • Beedle (with Bug-Catching Net)
  • Groose (with Bomb Flower Mortar)
  • Batreaux (with Scythes)

I'm not really expecting any Majora's Mask stuff, because we already got that in the last DLC and we just got Skull Kid with the new game. But I still like to list Mikau and the Deku Princess, because those are two characters that I really would like to see in the future.

Beedle would be based on Skyward Sword, where one of his special moves could even he doing some crazy bicycling. But naturally he also should have some traits from his other games, maybe like a Masked Beedle mode for Focus Spirit.

And Makar essentially would attack by planting trees, hovering around, etc. He probably would feel a little similar to Lana's Deku Stick moveset, though.

I've already talked about the other candidates in the past, so I won't go through all of this again.

New Weapons:

  • Bongos for Darunia
  • Fishing Rod for Link
  • Whip for Linkle
  • Four Sword for Toon Link

This game has many characters with only one weapon and for most characters this will be hard to change, because their weapons are really built around the character or the character itself is the weapon, e.g. Phai. So, Link will always be the guy, who gets all the fun toys. And a Fishing Rod weapon could be part of an Ocarina of Time pack.

The Whip would be from Skyward Sword and featured in a Skyward Sword pack, but it probably would be a better fit for Linkle, because a whip is a more feminine weapon. I'd love to see her get into a fight with Cia then.

New Costumes:

  • The Wind Waker costume for Tingle
  • Twilight Princess costume for Skull Kid
  • Demise costume for Ganondorf
  • Skyward Sword costume für Impa
  • Rauru or Gaepora costume for the King of Hyrule

Anyway, that's only if they don't go into the territory of other games. With the Hyrule Warriors DLC they first featured Majora's Mask and something similar could happen here. And since this is on handheld, games like Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks or A Link Between Worlds could become a thing with the following characters:

  • Oshus (with Cane)
  • Cole (with Hat???)
  • Byrne (with Clawshot)
  • Ravio (with Bracelet)
  • Hilda (with Triforce Scepter)
  • Yuga (with Brush)

I'm not sure about Linebeck, because his entire character revolved around avoiding any danger. It would seem weird to see him fight, but on the other hand we're probably already past the point, where any character would be out of question. Koei Tecmo can make everyone work. I feel the same about the Happy Mask Salesman, but both characters are so popular, they will become playable eventually.

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