Friday, March 4, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: DLC and Medli Announced

The biggest Zelda announcement yesterday was about the DLC plans for Hyrule Warriors Legends. I was surprised that they also have planned four entire DLC packs, I was expecting two. And I really hope that they won't jump the Gyorg as much as they did with the updates and DLC on the Wii U version. I like, how currently everything is balanced around a Level 99 maximum again, because you can basically go through the entire Adventure Mode without grinding, from what I've heard.

This might change... Hopefully they've learned from the feedback and will stay on Level 99, but considering that we're also getting four DLC packs, they just might repeat the past. Of course right now we don't anything about the packs. I'm expecting Adventure Maps for Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, because it would make a lot of sense to get a map for every 3D Zelda game. If they add more Adventure Maps, they might really go for the The Legend of Zelda dungeons for now, which was something that I had expected for the original DLC. And I hope that they won't bring the Ganon/Cucco mode back, because this was not much fun and probably would be even more terrible on 3DS.

But will there also be new characters and weapons? And will they then become available on Wii U as well? The only thing we know right now is the bonus costume for buying the Season Pass:

Toon Ganondorf! It's certainly more interesting than the Dark Link costume, though I originally expected Toon Ganondorf to become his own character. I guess, it really depends on how well an incarnation works as a costume or not, but after all the Wind Waker content it feels a little bit like having Toon Link as a costume for Young Link.

But after Toon Ganondorf the next Wind Waker character on my radar certainly was Medli. However, I didn't expect her until Hyrule Warriors 2, maybe alongside Makar. She was already playable in The Wind Waker, so both her and Makar make sense as character additions. I just didn't expect her right now.

I guess, she will be a Light element user, because the Harp basically acted as musical Mirror Shield. And I can't wait to play with her, because she is so cute...


Marandahir said...

Have you heard about the new DLC packs for both 3DS and Wii U? 4 new characters, and that Link's Awakening map you've always been hoping for!

TourianTourist said...

I've heard, but thanks. I'm currently on the Manga Con in Leipzig, so I didn't have the time yet to post about it.

Benjamin Fowler said...

In response to those, ^^^ I'd really like to hear what you think about my predictions.

Link's Awakening pack:
Marin or Dethl
Weapon for Linkle: BowWow
BowWow, followed by 2 basic differences that make it overall similar but are just used to differentiate the tiers (eg; the Vengeful Deity's mask, could be used in a way like "Angry BowWow," or "Hungry BowWow."

PH/ST Pack:
Linebeck (or Byrne)
Weapon for Toon Link: Phantom Zelda:
Blue Phantom from Phantom Hourglass,
Green Phantom from Spirit Tracks,
Torch Phantom from Spirit Tracks.

ALBW pack:
Ravio as a 100% certainty, and either Hilda, Yuga, or, an incredibly unlikely possibility, Gramps.

TourianTourist said...

My predictions are pretty similar, except for Toon Link's weapon. Will try to post about this tonight.

Benjamin Fowler said...

Looking forward to it. :D