Sunday, May 15, 2016

Zelda Game Labels Extended

This is just a small update to this blog.

Last night I refined the labels, which you can find on the right side bar and beneath each post. Previously multiple Zelda games were put under the same label, e.g. Zelda NES Classics. This is still in tact, but I also added labels for the individual games, whenever you want a more accurate search.

I also added labels for remakes and remasters, but these posts are still marked with the label for the original game. So, if you search for Twilight Princess you still get all posts about Twilight Princess, including the ones about Twilight Princess HD. With the Twilight Princess HD label on the other hand you will only get the posts specifically about the remaster. And of course there's still the Twilight Princess HD Diaries series from March, probably continued in Winter or whenever I decide to play Hero Mode. These posts have all three Twilight Princess labels, so it's a gradual refinement.

There's currently no way to filter posts that were only about the original game, not the remakes / remasters, but I feel like this won't be necessary. Whenever a new version gets released, it becomes the focus of this blog anyway.

The list of labels now might look a little bit long and cluttered, but that's what you get after eight years of blogging. Since it's on the bottom of the right side bar and ordered alphabetically, it hopefully shouldn't bother anyone. If you have ideas for additional labels, just let me know.

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