Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: DLC Character Material Drops

DLC characters in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Legends don't seem to get materials on their own. Instead they will drop materials of similar or related characters. Twili Midna and Young Link used to drop Midna's and Link's materials on the Wii U DLC Adventure Maps, before they got their own materials in Legends. Medli now drops Ruto's materials on the Master Wind Waker Map, which is a nice reference to how she is a descendant of Laruto and how the Rito evolved from the Zora.

Tingle on the other hand originally got completely left out. While he has his own materials in Legends and can be fought in Adventure Mode on the 3DS, he was not to be found on the Wii U Termina Map, probably because they didn't know what material they should give him and him dropping useless new materials didn't make much sense. And hopefully characters like Marin won't follow this pattern, so let's think about what material replacements they could get...

In case of the Lorule trio it's pretty obvious: they could just drop the materials of their Hyrule counterparts. It's not even a bad fit, for example Ravio also has a blue scarf, Hilda has a diadem and Yuga has a crystal on his forehead. So, there's that.

Technically the characters in the A Link Between Worlds Pack could even get their own materials, where they would need each other's. Characters won't be sold separately anymore in Japan, so there's no reason to keep them completely autonomous. Like Medli they can have their Heart Containers, Heart Pieces and Weapon Upgrades on the new map. And they could be fought as enemies, where they drop new materials, which are also used for their badges. This would be fairly limited, but the same argument could be made against all Wind Waker materials in Legends. But either way should work fine.

The same doesn't apply to Marin and the new character from the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack (probably Linebeck), because they are on their own in their DLC packs, which are still sold separately. So, you can't have Marin require the next DLC character's materials and vice versa. As for Marin, she also could simply drop Zelda's materials, because Link confuses her with Zelda in the beginning of the game and she supposedly resembled the Zelda from A Link to the Past. Another nice reference would be Lana's materials, because both like to sing and both have a crush on Link.

As for Linebeck, he could get King Daphnes' materials, because boats. That's a stretch, but there isn't really any other character, who would make a better reference. Toon Link and Tetra might also be a possibility, because they both used to be on Linebeck's boat for a while and I like the idea of how he stockpiled Toon Link's stuff in his treasure chamber over the course of their adventure. That is, if Linebeck is going to be the new character. He has the best chance, but we can't be a 100% sure right now. But unlike the other candidates from the Nintendo DS Zelda games, he could actually have some meaningful material replacements.

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