Monday, May 30, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 4 - Kiss'n Tell

Believe me or not, but I'm actually enjoying rewatching this show. It's also good timing, because besides Game of Thrones pretty much all TV shows ended their seasons last week, so it's nice to have something to watch in the evening, even if it's just some 15 minutes of The Legend of Zelda Bizzaro-verse.

This episode starts out with Zelda saving a maiden from Gleeock, which she does by actually throwing fruits at the three-headed dragon. Yes, fruits. I liked, how they made the three heads talk with individual minds and then even get in each other's ways, it was an interesting way to display this classic foe.

Now, the maiden didn't want to be saved by Zelda, but by the hero Link. After the White Knight episode this at first gives the impression that this will be yet another jealousy thing, just the other way around this time, but the events change quickly after the "professional zapper of dragons and rescuer of fair maidens" appears. His words, not mine. The girl willingly made out with him, but then turned out to be a Gibdo, who put a curse on Link, who now looks like a frog. Zelda then gets kidnapped by Ganon and a tentacle-porn Octorok, while Link can't do anything.

The Rhymeforce of Wisdom guides the Hero of Frogs and Spryte to a weird witch, who lives inside a mosaic wall and even looks like one. There is also a tree made of steel for no reason and it's a very weird scene just to give some information, which the Triforce simply could have delivered in its rhymes. They obviously had some issues with filling all 15 minutes here.

Well, lifting the curse is "simple, but not easy". He has to get kissed by a princess to be put back in his original form. The Frog Prince says hello, but this looks like Link's one and only chance to steal a kiss from Zelda. She's even willing to help out, but both get interrupted by cock block Ganon. It's then Spryte, who saves the day by kissing Link and there's the revelation at the end that she's in fact a fairy princess. Cool thing is that this actually will be dealt with again in a later episode, where we also get to meet the fairy king, so it's not just some random fact that never will be important again. And that's something.

"What is this, ugly people day? - Spryte

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