Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: 30th Character? Lorule Trio?

The current roster of Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends has exactly 24 characters and leaves an open spot in the lower right corner:

Back in January this already bugged me and at the time I suggested that Koei Tecmo will add one final character to fill the roster screen. And as it turned out, this character is going to be Medli, who will be available for free this Thursday. She fits this spot very nicely in a set of four The Wind Waker characters, which are all in the same column.

However, she's not going to be the last character to be added. We will get four more in the DLC: Marin in the Link's Awakening Pack, most likely Linebeck in the Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks Pack and two more characters from A Link Between Worlds. And with that we're back to having this ugly little open corner in the character menu again. 29 is a prime number, so there's no way that they could evenly re-arrange the roster. And we're back at the question, if Koei Tecmo might add "one final character" to make it an even 30.

Now, I've already mentioned the possibility in my DLC predictions, but after a similar discussion on GameFAQs I'm even more convinced that we're going to get the full Lorule trio at the end of the DLC:

Ravio, Hilda AND Yuga. Two of them will be paid DLC, one of them a freebie. The freebie characters so far always have been tied to the newly released Adventure Mode Maps. Cia, Volga and Wizzro all were available for free, but their hearts and weapon upgrades were locked on the Master Quest DLC Map. The same happens this week with Medli. You can get her for free, but if you want her stuff in Legends, you will need to buy the Master Wind Waker Map.

On the Wii U all DLC characters are autonomous by now, so she will be a real freebie there. But I suppose that the upcoming DLC for Legends will handle all paid DLC characters the same way as Medli. This time the characters won't be sold separately in Japan, so there's no reason to unlock all their weapons right away and tie all their hearts to levels. Koei Tecmo heavily listened to feedback so far and many people didn't like the autonomous DLC characters. You also want to unlock stuff with them, make real progress other than just leveling. Or else these DLC characters are not fully worth it.

Now, if they really decide to add another character as a free gift and as a "thank you" to the fans, then it will probably happen at the end and that's in November, where the A Link Between Worlds Pack will be released. And since the freebie characters are usually tied thematically to the simultaneously released Adventure Mode Maps, it makes sense to get another character from that game. And here it makes fully sense to complete the Lorule trio of Ravio, Hilda and Yuga. One of them will be free DLC. And the other two will be part of the DLC pack.

So, you might ask, why they simply didn't announce three characters for the A Link Between Worlds Pack, then. All upcoming DLC packs are evenly balanced. The Master Wind Waker Pack is the cheap one, which only has a new Adventure Mode Map. The following packs all give you a new Adventure Mode Map and two new movesets. They all also cost the same price. That's a good system and by releasing a third character for free alongside the last pack, it will make them look good, but at the same time it will be a huge incentive to buy the DLC for everyone, who hasn't bought it already. You suddenly have the pretty Hilda in your roster, but she looks so lonely... And you can add Ravio and Yuga to keep her company for just a small price! It's a good strategy and win-win for everyone. But of course they haven't announced a 30th character yet, because they want to keep it as a surprise for then.

If they want to keep the order of "Ravio, Hilda, Yuga" in the roster screen, the free character will probably be Ravio, while Hilda and Yuga are added to the end. But it really could be any of the three, though I personally believe that Yuga will be part of the paid DLC, because he has the most extraordinary moveset potential. He was also one of the first fan requests that Koei Tecmo has publicly addressed on Twitter around the time, when the first game was released. The other one was Linkle and we all know, how she turned out...

We'll see, but right now I'm convinced that we will get the full Lorule trio in the current Hyrule Warriors games. It would be awesome.

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