Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 5 - Sing for the Unicorn

Wall standing is the new blanking...

Today's episode opens with some carefree scenes inside the Northern Castle. King Harkinian enjoys the silent night and even supports Link to score a kiss from Zelda. Turns out that you only have to bring her flowers to get her royal highness into the mood, which for some reason Link never tries again after this episode, if I'm not mistaken. However, both get interrupted, because the good king gets abducted by Ganon... on a flying unicorn!

This episode had some of the craziest Ganon moments so far. In the beginning he appears out of nowhere on a unicorn Pegasus hybrid. You don't know, where he got it from, he just appears riding and laughing on it for some good old WTF. Turns out that a flying creature is all he needs to get into the castle and steal the Triforce of Wisdom. But because this would be too smart, he does steal the king instead in the hopes that he could blackmail Link and Zelda. That leads to some hilarious scenes between King Harkinian and Ganon, where Ganon stands horizontally with his feet on the wall, because the floor of the prison cell is slowly (veeery slowly) disappearing. That whole image looks just ridiculous, but it fits the humor around the character(s).

Link and Zelda chase together after the king, where they come to an area that looks like Skeletor's Castle, which probably is supposed to be Death Mountain. On their way they also meet some Mulan wannabe. Her name is "Sing" and she wants to rescue the unicorn, hence the title of the episode. She fights with two sai, where she is also able to shoot sword beams. Or shall I say "sai beams"? In general this episode has a lot of "zapping" going on, even Ganon zapping his own minions to get rid of Link. And apparently it takes two zaps to "de-energize" Ganon...

Now, Zelda was in a pretty good mood the whole episode. She agreed to kiss Link, twice, and she also saved his life, twice. The third time, where Link got himself into danger, however, he had to be saved by the other girl. Zelda apparently was out of ammo with her bow, but she then later reveals a boomerang, which she used to zap Ganon away... So, she probably just had enough of saving the hero.

But to be fair, she got him in danger at least one time by touching some gigantic Armos statues. Making the Armos so huge is certainly a frightening idea, something they may want to try in the games. Link also fought two Lynels, but he made it look easy. He got a "Magic Whistle" (a Recorder) as loot from the fight, which he uses at the end to get them all away in a giant tornado. He played the Recorder sound from the game, which had a nice touch. Even if it's cheap, I like how they incorporated sound effects from the game in the show.

Well, this episode had a little bit too much going on to a point, where it easily could have worked without its title elements, Sing and the unicorn. The unicorn existed in this episode for the sole reason to fly the king around and Sing didn't interact much with Link and Zelda, so overall it seemed quite rushed. But that's what you get with 15 minutes of runtime.

"I'll take a rain check on that kiss, princess!" - Link

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