Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 6 - That Sinking Feeling

Why do the shots of castles always look best in the series? Probably because there's no movement involved, since the castles all are completely empty!!

Link and Zelda are alone out there all the time. Based on the lore it's right that there aren't any knights, but it doesn't seem like there aren't living any people at all in Hyrule / Northern Castle save for Link, Zelda, King Harkinian and Spryte. In this episode Link and Zelda head out to make out (I'm not kidding) and only the king and the fairy are seemingly left inside the castle, when Ganon takes the whole structure to the underworld with a Magic Magnet... No mass panic, no countless hostages, but only a fat king and a small fairy trying to hide inside an armor and under the bed.

It's probably as curious as Zelda being completely in the mood lately. Last episode flowers got her all wet, now a romantic place instantly does the trick. It's actually a wonder that Link never gets a kiss from her in the entire series. She still can be a nagging shrew, but she's overall much more willing than in the first episodes, throwing herself at Link a couple of times.

There are also some hilarious moment between a Goriya and Ganon. You could almost feel bad for the poor, dumb Goriya, who's named "Goriya" and just was doing his job. But with Ganon as your boss, you will end up in the Evil Jar, no matter what... Together with a band of Tektites, who can create spider threads in the show, which they used to turn Zelda into a Gibdo. And she still was in the mood right after...

"Are you gonna talk or smooch?" - Zelda

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