Saturday, June 4, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 9 - Stinging a Stinger

The "Stinger" in this episode is a conman with the name of Sleazenoze, who looks like Rumpelstiltskin had a love child with Pinocchio, but still not suspicious enough to Link. Link is actually so stupid to give him his Magic Sword, after Sleazenoze offered him some better Sabre as a present, which supposedly gets him all the ladies. As if.

Our hero quickly realizes his mistake and then gets to be completely useless. Link in the Legend of Zelda video games without a sword is still a skilled marksman, magic user, explosive expert and so on, but here he just ends up as Gohma food together with his beloved princess and the conman, who tried to rip-off Ganon by asking the ridiculous amount of thousand Rupees for the Magic Sword. Doesn't he know that they only had 8-Bit Wallets in the Era of Decline?

So, they all get trapped with Gohma, Episode VI style, and according to Link a Magical Boomerang won't stop the giant crab... But why? It worked fine on Ganon. Twice. But to be fair, Ganon seemingly can be stopped by anything. Like in this episode they attack him with beehives to chase him off and get the Magic Sword back. They probably could have just thrown some fruits at him for the same outcome. Worked fine with Gleeock.

Overall this is probably one of my least favorite episodes. The character Sleazenoze is even less likeable than everyone else in the show and he gets too much screen time. And the whole premise of the episode was that Link is nothing without his sword, while every child in Hyrule could actually beat Ganon with the right pranks.

"Whoops, it's hero time!" - Link

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