Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 13 - The Moblins are Revolting

Hyrule's monsters are on strike, so the series had to end...

Originally this was produced as the tenth episode, but it aired as the final episode of the series' first run. However, "The Missing Link" does a much better job as a potential finale and this episode ends on a bad touch, which leaves you quite unsatisfied.

As in many episodes, Ganon has a new toy, which can put anyone in a magic-proof bubble. However, this immediately backfires. The Moblins put Ganon in the bubble instead, because they are very unhappy with their working conditions. So, they get rid off Ganon and take over the underworld.

At first it looks like they are actually getting somewhere with this. They are laying siege on Hyrule Castle with ladders, catapults and battering rams. That's something that Ganon never has tried and it does look very dangerous at first. However, the monsters fail to communicate and are so disorganized that they just keep hitting each other. Zelda and Link just laugh at the theater and the stay so relaxed that they even decide to leave the castle in siege, while they try to steal the Triforce of Power. On their way they meet a Dodongo for the first time in the show, which Zelda quickly defeats with a bomb to save both of them again...

This is where Link realizes that he will be out of a job soon, so he starts fooling around and frees Ganon in the process. So, it all reverts back to the status quo of the series thanks to Link's selfishness, who's just happy at the end that he still does have a job. What a jerk.

"No, not the bottomless pit. Nooooooo!" - Ganon


This ends this series. I will do another post about the Valiant Comics, but that's it for the TV show. I personally had quite some fun rewatching the whole thing, as you may have noticed. It's goofy and certainly not the way you want to see some epic Zelda Adventure, but it's still entertaining in its own way. Most of the fun comes from Link constantly trying to get first base with Zelda, the whole dynamic between the two is simply hilarious and if they really do a Zelda anime movie in the next years, I will probably miss the whole "Excuuuuse me" talk. At least a little bit.

The music and sound effects from the games are good, I just wish that they had done more with Zelda II - The Adventure of Link instead of just using some monsters from the game.


Eren Jaeger said...

I never understood which Zelda this was. Was the Zelda in this series the first Zelda that linked saved in The Hyrule Fantasy, or the great great great aunt of that Zelda that's in The Adventure of Link that he woke up? I never understood this, I don't think it was explained.

TourianTourist said...

It's supposedly the one from the first game. In the Valiant Comics both Zeldas are one and the same. The Zelda from the first game simply fell into a sleeping curse and Link awoke her.