Monday, June 6, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 11 - Fairies in the Spring

Zelda: "Speaking of all wet, where is our local hero?"
Link: "You called for a hero, princess?"
Zelda: "Yes, but I guess you'll have to do..."

Ouch. If I were Link, I would have quit my job a long time ago and look for a nicer princess to save elsewhere. Even Princess Midna would probably be nicer than this bitchy version of Zelda; I heard she likes to ride.

Okay, this is a refreshing episode (pun intended), mostly because at least for once the threat doesn't come from Ganon, but from fairies, who were defending a fairy spring. And their monster creations are seemingly much more scarier and effective than anything that Ganon ever pulled off.

It's also one of the most ridiculous episodes with its ideas, where our goofy King Harkinian wants to build a water park for everyone to enjoy. But for whom, really? Up to this point the only people in Hyrule seemed to be the king, Zelda, Link, Spryte and that Doof guy from the last episode. This is where they really added some extras at the end and during the construction in the beginning to give the impression that actual people would be living in Hyrule. But I bet that those actually came to visit from Holodrum just for this episode.

At least they returned to the fact that Spryte is actually a fairy princess, they even showed us the fairy king, who is simply a tiny winged version of King Harkinian. Now, if Spryte was a miniature version of Zelda, Link probably would show more interest in her...

"I hate wet kisses." - Zelda

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