Friday, June 10, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: 2nd SpotPass Gift

Today we received another SpotPass gift for Hyrule Warriors: Legends. Unlike the first one there seems to be no occasion other than offering a "Thank you!" to us players. This time we get an additional companion fairy named "Lazuli", as well as the following:

  • 500,000 Rupees
  • 5 Golden/Delicious Weird Eggs
  • 5 Golden/Delicious Lon Lon Milk
  • 5 Golden/Delicious Odd Mushrooms
  • 5 Golden/Delicious Magic Beans
  • 5 Golden/Delicious Deku Nuts

Again, this is super useful. Too bad that the first Adventure Map doesn't hold any fire food or else we would have gotten something for every element. Those are all five food types on the first map and I suppose that they won't offer anything beyond that. And you have to make sure to always stay below 9,500,000 Rupees, because otherwise the received Rupees might go to waste. Luckily I was only close to this amount, so I can spent it all on leveling some less favorable characters.

Lazuli, the SpotPass gift fairy, uses the water fairy design from the first Adventure Map and seems to come with random traits and stats. Mine is on Level 5, but I also saw a Miiverse post with her being Level 4. And on GameFAQs people noticed that the traits can be different as well.

It doesn't really matter for me, because I already have a fairy in the same looks and I have detailed plans for my future fairy roster. But this essentially adds another fairy slot as a gift, so at the end of the DLC you should be able to store at least 13 different fairies, if every DLC Adventure Map also adds another slot (currently there are ten slots available). If they keep doing these SpotPass gifts, we might even be able to have all 20 at some point, we'll see.

Another possibility for SpotPass gifts would be the exclusive fairy clothings, as well as Link's Classic costume, this would be great for everyone, who missed those, which are probably most people outside of Japan.

Anyway, today's gift really made me rethink my fairy roster plans. Those are my current developed fairies, named after the Gods and Goddesses and having pure elements each:

  • Hylia (Light Fairy Great Sea): Double Shine
  • Demise (Darkness Adventure): Double Shade
  • Din (Fire Great Sea): Double Bombos
  • Nayru (Water Adventure): Double Ether
  • Farore (Lightning Adventure): Double Quake

(Use this Reddit post as a reference for how they look and where to find them.)

For the future I want to create some hybrids, which I will name after the various companion fairies from the games, Mangas and TV show:

  • Navi (Light Adventure): Shine + Ether
  • Tatl (Darkness Twilight): Shade + Quake
  • Tael (Darkness Great Sea): Shade + Ether
  • Leaf (Fire Termina): Bombos + Shade
  • Neri (Water Termina): Ether + Bombos
  • Ciela (Lightning Great Sea): Quake + Shine
  • Felicia (Light Twilight): Shine + Shade
  • Spryte (Fire Master Quest): Bombos + Shine

I also like the Master Quest Darkness fairy with her looks and if they add more, I might just keep some other pure element fairies around, just with different Rental Skills equipped.

I really would like it, if you could select two different Rental Skills on a fairy, other than renting them from a friend via local communication. I usually use the Water Wall ability, but in some missions it's nice to have the Repair Rental skill around, because your Headquarters are getting in danger. But I don't know anyone personally, who plays this game, so renting Rental Skills is not an option and three item slots essentially stay useless...

According to the official Japanese website there already have been two more SpotPoss fairies in Japan. We just got the first one. You will receive an additional fairy slot with each SpotPass fairy, as well as for beating the Dark Ruler on any Adventure Map. Which means that there will be at least 15 fairy slots in the end and that I could now also add a "Proxi" or a "Miff", but after that I will probably run out of potential fairy names... :-D

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