Friday, June 17, 2016

Breath of the Wild: No Female Link?

In an interview with GameSpot, Eiji Aonuma seemingly denied that there's going to be a female Link and he used a rather fishy reason for this. Instead of entertaining the possibility of choosing the gender for Link, they thought about having Zelda playable, much like in the CD-i games, as a "simpler" solution. But then you would have the same issue as in the Animated Series, where you have to ask, what Link is really good for, if Zelda's doing all the work...

And with this very silly reasoning he's supposedly denying the rumors from April, by Emily Rogers. The same rumors stated that the game will be released simultaneously for both Wii U and NX and that the game will have voice acting. And both of this came true.

But I still think that a female Link option might be a possibility here. It's just something that Nintendo didn't want to reveal yet. And when there are embargoes in place, Aonuma won't be able to confirm anything at all. He kept "denying" the development of Majora's Mask 3D for years and it's the same situation. He gets pushed into a corner with a question like this, he can't just say "no", he can't also confirm it and saying "no comment" would be very suspicious. So, he finds a distraction to talk about, which is a very common interview technique. He talks about a playable Princess Zelda instead and anything else gets falsely interpreted by the "journalists".

Now, Link in the game seems to have many customization options. You can change his hair style, you can change all his gear including a variety of clothing. Never before a Zelda game has been closer to a RPG and a gender option for Link would simply be the next step. And if girls get to have fun with playing Link only in his underpants, it's only fair if boys can chose to play with this:

Or as this:

Just picture Samus more as a Linkle type, but this Zero Suit two-piece sportswear would match male Link's Sheikah label underwear pretty nicely.

And I would love that. If I have to look at the same butt for the duration of a long game like this, it might as well be one that I like. In general I prefer playing as female characters and the only reason I would ever play some MMORPG like Tera Online is because I could built myself some eye candy.

(If Nintendo wants to do some more cash grab, they could even make it so that the Zero Suit Samus amiibo makes look female Link really like Samus. But I should stop giving them amiibo ideas...)


JaredMithrandir said...

No one can do everything by themselves, so no Zelda being playable doesn't make Link useless.

I've been wanting a return of Playable Zelda as much as I'd like a more cosumizable Link.

Marandahir said...

I'm afraid I trust the man at his word on this one, as upsetting as this is to me. It's the same crap logic for why Link's handedness isn't customizable. "Because it would be weird to use the right hand to press the attack button if Link attack with his left hand!"

It might have been weird on Skyward Sword (and a sad day for left-handed users of the Wii), but it's literally not weird with a standard controller. In fact, it's what Link's been doing since Day 1.