Thursday, June 23, 2016

Majora's Mask on Wii U Virtual Console

Majora's Mask gets released today on the European Virtual Console for Wii U and next week in Japan. I was actually anticipating this for a while and here it is. The only thing left for them to release on Wii U eShop would be Skyward Sword, but I'm not interested in downloading Wii games. In case of Majora's Mask I already own the Wii Virtual Console copy, but I can just upgrade it for 2€.

This will give me options for my 30th Anniversary Replay Plans. I've replayed most of the topdown Zelda games already and before Breath of the Wild gets released, I want to play through all 3rd Person 3D Zelda games again in order. And now I can do it all on my Wii U. Replaying the Virtual Console versions of the N64 Zeldas will also be quicker (since there is no Master Quest or fishing), while the Restore Points should give you a lot of comfort with Majora's Mask. It's not only helpful with stuff like Sakon's Hideout, it can also be abused for certain minigames.

Still, I also want to replay the 3DS remakes at some point and I might just play them this summer, nice and slow, because right now I prefer playing on my New Nintendo 3DS XL. And in Winter I will probably play Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker HD (2nd Quest), Twilight Princess HD (Hero Mode) and Skyward Sword (Hero Mode) on my Wii U in that order. Ideally I will be done with Skyward Sword around the time, where the 30th Anniversary ends (February 20th) or in the latest right before Breath of the Wild gets released (where they kept dodging the March 2017 release date at E3, so it might as well come out Christmas 2017 for all we know).

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Eduardo Jencarelli said...

The good thing getting on Majora's Mask on the Wii U is getting back the ability to do 60% of the game within the first 3 days, essentially getting the upgraded gilded sword, completing two dungeons and getting the giant's wallet as well as unlocking Epona on Day 1. Restore points will make this MUCH easier.

Previously, I had to sweat my way through a grievous speedrun during the first 12 game hours (which for some reason was actually harder to do in the Wii version compared to the N64 original).

It was truly a race against time to reach Romani Ranch before sunset. I had to endure any mistakes and make up for them somehow, which was nearly impossible. Restore points allow me to course-correct any such mistakes and annoying random situations such as the Deku Palace guards.

The sad thing about the 3DS version was that they sped up slowed time, destroying any chance I previously had of unlocking Epona during the first cycle. Getting the Wii U version restores that possibility for a challenge.