Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Breath of the Wild - Title Revealed

Finally we have a title: Breath of the Wild. I was tired of calling this game "Zelda Wii U". I wonder, if anyone accurately predicted this title, but I like, how it's not a generic title about an item, e.g. "Bow of the Goddesses" or "Sheikah Slate". Though the title could be abbreviated as "BoW"...

Watch the trailer here. Certainly an impressive reveal with lots of things to process. Voice acting, free climbing, cooking, tree chopping. Feels like some survival experience and it gave me some sort of Monster Hunter vibe. Funny enough: I always wanted to have an axe in Zelda, so the tree chopping part made me cheer.

The end of trailer also supports my theory that this game plays at the very end of the Downfall timeline. The place, where the Master Sword rests, looks a lot like in the original A Link to the Past Artwork:

And the Master Sword looks kind of rusty and old... Also, the Japanese logo actually went back to the design of the classic games, so it doesn't have the romanized "ZELDA".

One big thing in the trailer also has been the environment manipulation. Something like this was to be expected after E3 2014, where the giant monster destroyed one of the bridges and other parts of the environment. You're probably able to repair those and it looks like the book / tablet is doing the trick. This reminded me of Trine, where you're able to move objects in the environment via magic and even use them to crush enemies.

The knight armor also looked really cool... So much to talk about!

I will posts more thoughts and analysis later on, after we got to see the huge "tiny portion" in the livestream. I also added a Breath of the Wild tag to blog, retroactively spanning all my previous posts about the game.

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