Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lime of the Season

It's hot outside and I have the perfect summer music for you: "Lime of the Season" is the follow-up album to the amazing Essence of Lime, where this time they remixed songs from Oracle of Seasons, including the fan favorite Dancing Dragon Dungeon music.

This already got released in May 2014, so it has been out there for over two years now. It has been featured in the Link List on the right column of Hyrule Blog for most of this time, but I noticed that I never promoted this album via a blog post. And it's never too late to promote something awesome, so in case you've missed this so far, check it out:

Lime of the Season Site

Go to the above site to download the album and its lovely artwork for free!

(By the way, I also had a small conversation on Reddit with HylianLemon earlier this year, he seems like a cool guy.)

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