Thursday, June 2, 2016

Excuse me, Episode 7 - Doppelganger

The episode starts with Link whistling the Super Mario theme, but this was part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show after all... Well, he defeats a Moblin, who then drops Wizzro. Loot is really, really good in this, the monsters are dropping valuable stuff like Recorders, Magic Bracelets, the Blue Ring and other valuable items regularly. And here I thought you actually had to explore dungeons for that stuff.

Anyway, this episode actually follows an exciting idea. A mirror suspiciously appears in Zelda's room, but since it's not like Ganon tries some evil magic tricks all the time, she doesn't give it too much thought and just uses it in the evening. This basically creates a Dark Zelda, who replaces her, but where Link should have been immediately able to tell that this isn't the real deal, because the naughty Dark Zelda actually makes out with him like a slut.

He does realize what's going on after noticing that she doesn't have a reflection, but he doesn't give it away and let her keep kissing him for the fun of it. Can't blame him, because after all this time he's probably very needy, but after kissing a Gibdo in the Frog Prince episode he should probably know better... This might be naughty Zelda on the outside, but inside it's probably a pile of Ropes.

For a moment the episode gave the impression that Link would actually go and save Zelda, but she just escapes on her own and the two are hunting Zelda's doppelganger with the Triforce of Wisdom through the underground mazes. Of course it had to come to a scene, where both are indistinguishable and Link had to find out, who's the real one. And he certainly found the smartest solution for that... Well played.

At least Link was less confused about the Dark Zelda than the creators of the show were. The whole series has many animation mistakes, but this episode probably has some of the most obvious ones and for a second it showed the Dark Zelda instead of the real one, even though Link was only with her. The synchronization was also off a couple of times, where Links lips were moving, but it didn't match the words at all. Not that any of this could possible make the show any worse, but it's noticeable and adds to the entertaining trash factor of it all.

"A Force Field Ring, just what I always wanted for Christmas!" - Link

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