Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cia's Awakening Costume

Just unlocked this beauty:

I honestly didn't expect to get yet another costume for my main character, but it looks glorious, even outclassing her Master Wind Waker Costume, which I've been using up to this point. I assume that this is a Windfish color scheme, but I don't really care, as long as it looks good.

And Cia's selection of costumes keeps growing and growing, same as Link's. Meanwhile Impa again didn't see a new costume on the Koholint Map. Koei apparently doesn't like her very much. Maybe next time, because all the other characters, who didn't get a new costume on the Master Wind Waker Map, got one now on the Koholint Map, with the exception of Medli. For some reason the DLC characters won't get any costumes at all, so Marin also doesn't have one. Well, at least they got weapons and hearts on their maps... Anyway, the eight characters that didn't get an Awakening costume are Impa, Darunia, Ruto, Midna, Fi, Volga, Twili Midna and Daphnes.

You can find pictures of all the new costumes on Koei Wiki. It's nice to see that Tingle got all the colors of his siblings now, even though he's still in his Majora's Mask form. A Wind Waker costume for him would be much appreciated, as well as Tingle sibling colors for that. Young Link got a simple red tunic recolor, where he probably gets a blue tunic next time and maybe a purple tunic at the end. That's something that I would have expected for Toon Link instead because of Four Swords, but he did get a funny Tarin recolor with a mushroom hat.

There are also many costumes in a red, black and white color scheme, but every one of these seem to have an individual meaning. Link's new costume is based on a GameBoy for example, while Zant got a Mask Mimic / Shy Guy costume. But overall I'm quite happy with the new selection of costumes, they are all either quite interesting or good looking. Only Ganondorf's new green costume is absolutely hideous.

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