Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Early Swamp Spider House in Majora's Mask

I'm currently replaying Majora's Mask 3D and one of my absolute favorite places and favorite minidungeons after all these years is still the Swamp Spider House. Such a unique design, such great atmosphere, so much fun!

But what quite some people don't seem to know is that you can actually beat this minidungeon very early in the game, even before going to the Woodfall Temple. Contrary to popular belief you don't need the Bow or the Hookshot in this place. All you need is:

  • An Empty Bottle
  • 2x Magic Beans
  • The Sonata of Awakening
  • Bombs or the Blast Mask

That's it! You get the bottle on your way anyway, so you already have this on your list. All the other things that you need are available inside the dungeon, like bugs or Spring Water. I usually wait until I have at least one more bottle available, but this time I decided to go at it right away. And it wasn't as cumbersome as I thought, you only need to collect bugs thrice and Spring Water twice, where you find these things all around you, so one bottle does the job just fine.

How do you get all the Skulltulas on the walls? Simple. Most of them are moving along the walls and you only have to wait, until the reach the bottom. The others that aren't going near the ground can be killed with Deku Bubbles. In two of these cases you then need to plant the Magic Beans to get to them - one of the holes is under a boulder, which is why you need either Bombs or the Blast Mask. And in the central chamber you can use the Deku Flowers to reach the tokens. The Skulltulas hidden in beehives can be shot down with Deku Bubbles as well. In fact you can hit multiple beehives with one shot, so it's even faster to use Deku Bubbles than using the Bow.

Another hidden trick: if you shoot the big golden spiders in the central chambers with Deku Bubbles, they will pop out lots of Blue Rupees from their blue eyes.

The 3DS version also has a nice map of the place on one of the walls:

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Eduardo Jencarelli said...

I actually knew you could do the Swamp Spider House before getting the hookshot because that's exactly how I first did that mini-dungeon, back when I first played it in 2000. I did have arrows at least, though.

What I didn't know is that you could hit multiple beehives with the bubble. Another way I can speed up my playthroughs. And I had no idea you could farm rupees like that. Given you can also get extra rupees from soft soil holes around Clock Town, it makes sense in a Nintendo way. Good to know.