Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack Expectations

Hyrule Warriors Legends will keep delivering throughout the year 2016, where two out of four DLC packs have been released already. The next pack is called the "Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack", which is scheduled for a release in September, where now we can take the time to speculate about its exact contents.

It's going to feature one new character, one new weapon for Toon Link and a new Adventure Map with new 15 pieces of fairy clothing, as well as the usual color costumes and new 4+ weapons. The upcoming character already has been leaked, but we don't know his weapon type yet, so these speculations will draw on the weapons instead.

Since there hasn't been an official announcement yet, the weapon part will be hidden under spoiler button!

The Weapons

The Adventure Map

Two words: Rail Map! There's no other way and it shouldn't be hard to translate this into some 8-Bit glory. Especially the travel music from Spirit Tracks in 8-Bit alone would be awesome. It's rather doubtful that they would do the Ocean King world from Phantom Hourglass, because this would just be a third Wind Waker Map. There's a lot more potential with the Rail Hyrule.

On both Wind Waker Maps you can see the 8-Bit characters sit in little boats. On the Rail Map they should sit in little minecarts (like in the Oracle games) and move on rails. You can only get to other screens, if they are connected via rails, where you have to unlock more rails to proceed. In a way it would be similar to the progression in Spirit Tracks.

Here are some Item Cards ideas with that concept in mind:

  • Compass (of Light)
  • Spirit Gems: make new rails appear
  • Tears of Light: destroy Dark Trains to make enemies appear
  • Rabbit Net: catch rabbits to unlock rewards
  • Stamp Book: used on Stamp Stations to unlock rewards

The remaining seven Item Cards could be based on the different cargos: Cuccos, Fish, Lumber, Iron, Vessel, Mega Ice and Dark Ore. Similar to the Instruments of the Sirens, they could offer different buffs, when used in the right locations. Or maybe it's just an alternative way to unlock rewards. Or maybe they do both.

Costumes and other extras

There will probably be the usual 16 recolor costumes, but it would be awesome, if they made an exception and give us Toon Link's engineer clothes from Spirit Tracks as one of the unlockable costumes. It probably will be just something disappointing, though, like a mere recolor costume in the engineer colors or in Linebeck's colors. Toon Link will also probably get his 4+ sword on this map, where the recolor could be based on that.

Interestingly enough, King Daphnes already got an Oshus recolor and Darunia already got a Biggoron recolor, because otherwise you would expect these with this pack. Darunia could still get something from Spirit Tracks, however, like the Goron Elder or Embrose. The Lokomo in general seem to be good material for different recolors, e.g. an Anjean recolor for Tetra. And Volga should get a Byrne / Staven recolor, because both characters feel pretty similar to each other. The bosses in general might offer some good colors, where it would be nice to see a Bellum costume for Wizzro, since with both it's really all in the eyes.

Anyway, as for the fairy clothing you shouldn't be surprised, if those really got the engineer clothes and a Linebeck outfit just to tease you... Cole's hats are also a must somewhere.

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This is most likely gonna be the accurate speculation for the DLC!