Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 12

Return to the Great Plateau

My goal for today's evening was completing the Zora Armor, where I'm still missing the helmet and I also haven't fully upgraded it yet. For the latter I needed lots of Hyrule Bass, so I went back to the Great Plateau, because you can get plenty of them there easily.

To my surprise, I ran into a Silver Bokoblin. So, the game does alter the enemies for some increased difficulty here and there! In this case it really might be that I just saw some Moblins at the Oseira Plains early in the game and not Lynels. But I will test this, whenever I replay the game.

Anyway, going back to the Great Plateau feels so strange. As if this place was from another life. I've grown so much in the meantime, where the Great Plateau really was about simpler times. And I kind of miss the Old Man, it feels very empty without him around.

I've also found a couple of Koroks and some treasure chests with arrows, which I haven't found early in the game. You really learn how to keep an eye for these things during the course of the game.

Chests in Shrines

I haven't noticed this before, but the map displays a chest symbol next to all shrines, where you've gotten all the chests inside. That's such a nice feature for completionists like myself! I've only been missing two chests, though, in the following shrines:

Ka'o Makagh (Metal Doors Open the Way)
Mo'a Keet Shrine (Metal Makes a Path)

I've also went back to the Kuh Takkar Shrine (Melting Ice Hazard), but there I just left a Frostblade for later on purpose. I would have been really astonished, if I missed something in this shrine, after spending so much time inside. But the Goron Armor actually protects you from the flames here, so that you can walk just right through them. I wish I had this armor, when I did the puzzle. Would have made things much easier.

The Divine Beast also don't seem to have such a chest icon. It's either that or I missed a chest in every one of them. Well, it would be frustrating, if you had your savegame stained like this, since you can't return to these dungeons. So, it's probably for the best, if they don't have such an icon.

The Quest for the Zora Helmet

I can't find this thing... I've completed the monument sidequest today, where it was fun looking for them all. This took so long, because I didn't want the old Zora telling me about the locations. But I "only" got a diamond for my efforts and not the Zora Helmet, as I had hoped.

And now I'm at a loss here. There is talk about an Armor Shop, which had closed business, but I have no clue, how you can restore it, if that's even, what you're supposed to do...

But while looking for the monuments I fought the Lynel on top of Ploymus Mountain for the first time and the Hinox at Ralis Pond again. Both fights went really well, where I've gotten a lot better at fighting and also got much better weapons now, which helps. I also found out a simple way of getting lots of health restoring food. All the "hearty" ingredients like Hearty Radish or Hearty Truffles, which give you these yellow extra hearts, always give you a full recovery. So, you can just cook them on their own, a single piece. This might only give you one extra heart, but it's a good way to make lots and lots of food giving you a full recovery.

And while I didn't have any luck finding the Zora Helmet, I did find something even better. Hilton appeared at night next to Zora's Domain (so, he's not restricted to Lake Akkala) and had something new in store. A full Dark Link costume! I only could afford the mask so far, but it looks good together with the rest of my Zora Armor, haha.

I like the animation of the pointed hat and I wonder, if the game also has the classic Hero's Tunic hidden somewhere... If not, it's probably the reward for doing the Cave of Trials in the first DLC. That's where I would put it.

But I can only say this again: the new armor system is excellent and gives you so many fun options. It's like they've been combining the outfits from Tri Force Heroes with the masks from Majora's Mask. The abilities might not be as versatile, but I really enjoy, how you can alter Link's appearance in many different ways!

I did find the Zora Helmet after all! It turned out that all you had to do was deciphering the decayed monument on your own. So, I remembered correctly that these quests are connected. You might even find the helmet by accident and I simply missed it, when I checked the specific area...

But mission accomplished! It even lets you do a small spin attack in the water, so it's not just for the looks! Also, with the entire set bonus your swimming stamina increases A LOT.

On a site note: there's a KapSON in Zora's Domain, who wants to wed a couple. If the Tarrey Town sidequest leads to Hudson marrying a Gerudo, then that would be hilarous! I'd also like the idea, if at least one of each race will end up living in that town. So, I might focus on this quest next.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 66
  • Koroks: 126
  • Divine Beasts: 4

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