Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 13

Wood and Armor

After obtaining the complete Zora set, the next goal in my sidequest tour was to complete Tarrey Town, because I enjoyed this quest and really liked the idea about it.

But before I could continue, I needed to collect lots of wood and decided to head for the Necluda region for that. I haven't been exploring this much after early in the game and it seems like the threat level has risen quite much on the overworld. I find Silver Bokoblins around every corner by now and they are a real threat, because they do insane damage and are tough to take down. I can deal with the Black Bokoblins just fine now, but that the game keeps throwing the silver ones at me is not much fun at the moment.

But it also seems like you can heavily upgrade all your armor in this game. So far I've only found two Great Fairies and heard about another one in the desert region. Well, there's also one right next to Tarrey Town in Akkala, where I was completely blind, because I had been using the shrine right next to as a teleport point many times now. Well, with this huge world is easy to miss stuff, if you're focused on the main goals.

Anyway, I can upgrade stuff to three stars now and the Great Fairy even talks about missing sisters (plural), where they might be at least five Great Fairies in the game world. And if you can go up another level with your armor with each one of them, there will be a lot to upgrade. The material costs get very expansive, though. I almost feel bad that I invested so many monster parts into Hilton's joke costumes, because I probably should have focused on getting better armor first for those nasty Silver Bokoblins.

Well, I've found quite some Koroks in the Necluda area and finally solved that "Great Bandit" sidequest from the Dueling Peaks Stable after all this time. The treasure is easy to find, but I was so distracted with other things around the area that I didn't bother with it yet.

I also want to complete the climber's armor set next in the hope that the set bonus lets you climb on wet surfaces without slipping down. That would be a very useful ability, because it rains way too often, especially when you're ready for some climbing. The Climber's Boots already help with that a little, but you can still slip.

I even got both the Snow Boots and the Sand Boots from the guy, who runs around Gerudo Town and is really into Linkle. So, my armor collection is slowly growing, where this seems to be the one major collectible task in the game other than the Koroks.

Akkala Arrangements

Well, my intuition about Tarrey Town was on spot. It really grows into a community, where at least one member of every tribe makes a living.

Next was Rhondson of the Gerudo, who is a character that caught my eye early in the game. There she was just usually sleeping under her little tent, where I found it funny that you have a character like this. But who would thought that she will turn out to be as important?

The same goes for the Rito, Fyson. Remember, how I complained that his desire to open a shop was boring? Well, I take it back. And Kapson ended at Tarrey Town as well, where I guessed right that Hudson would marry the Gerudo girl. That's just a nice and funny nod to Ocarina of Time, where the carpenters (who all looked a little bit like Hudson) wanted to check out the Gerudo with no luck. Well, thousands of year later their ancestor finally made it!

And you finally get to attempt a wedding in a Zelda game. Well, this sidequest doesn't have the same level of complexity and emotions as the Anju & Kafei quest in Majora's Mask. All you really do here is gathering lots of wood and talking to people, whose names end on -son. And the whole thing is more about the humor and watching this little place grow. It's still nice to see that there are sidequests in this game, which lead to more than just doing super basic stuff to receive junk.

With this Breath of the Wild also reached the maximum number of towns in a Zelda game. So far the record holder always used to be Zelda II - The Adventure of Link with its seven towns (eight, if you count Old Kasuto), where Breath of the Wild has eight full towns to offer. And there might be even more, where it could be that there's still a town somewhere, which I haven't found yet.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 66
  • Koroks: 139
  • Divine Beasts: 4

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