Sunday, March 26, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 19

Today I've went for the final memories and faced Calamity Ganon once again to witness the full ending of the game. That's about it, but still pretty significant. Spoilers ahead!

Full Memory

Most of my game time today I spent with further exploring Hyrule Castle to look for the recipe(s) and the last memory from the locations on your Sheikah Slate. The latter wasn't easy to find, because the place in the picture isn't really recognizable anymore. I looked for it around the entire castle walls with no luck. And in the end I just found it by accident...

During my time at Hyrule Castle I noted, how the Blood Moon didn't have any effect here. It was visible in the sky, but the cutscene didn't roll and enemies weren't revived. This might have been a bug, similar to the one, where a Blood Moon can suddenly happen out of nowhere, but this might also be intended. It had me thinking, if you can simply avoid a Blood Moon by entering a shrine for the time... (Update: you can, but the Blood Moon will keep coming the next night.)

Back in Kakariko you have this very nice revelation that the final memory location has been right in front of you all this time. I wonder, how this works exactly and if you could have gotten this memory any earlier. I've fully explored the corresponding area before this and didn't see it. Also, I did take a picture of the picture with my Camera Rune and the game did recognize this by doing the typical "look at the photo to trigger a memory" thing with the picture that I took just now. Either that's a really nice detail or you have to do this in order to find the memory...

So, what did collecting all the memories gain? Certainly not the "Sheikah Heirloom" in Impa's house, that's for sure. I still haven't understood, what you have to do to get the orb here. For all this time I thought that getting all the memories would do the trick, but obviously I'm missing something. I haven't even gotten a Shrine Quest in my Adventure Log yet, while there should be one. It's probably very trivial and maybe even something that you can solve early in the game, where this might be one of these cases, where I'm totally blind. But I'll find out eventually and this is part of the fun!

And with all memories found, I now could revisit the ending the of the game. It's actually not an alternate ending, but a post credits scene. The rest stays the same (including the "Remember me?" catch phrase), so there's no reason to not collect all memories right away.

Current Progress:
  • Divine Beasts: 4/4
  • Shrines: 94/120
  • Koroks: 260/900
  • Shrine Quests: 34/42
  • Side Quests: 62/76
  • Map Rate: 42.05%

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