Friday, March 3, 2017

Got Breath of the Wild Limited Edition & amiibo

Feels like Christmas!

While yesterday I already picked up the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild on my way home, today I received a big package with the European Limited Edition of the game for Nintendo Switch and all five amiibo. And I was quite surprised, how big both the Limited Edition and the Guardian amiibo package actually were.

Don't get fooled, though. It's mostly just Styrofoam in that Limited Edition box, the actual Master Sword statue isn't as big. But it's still quite nice:

Other than that there was only a soundtrack CD in the Limited Edition with a black cover. The other items are absent and I might try to get my hands on one of the North American Special Editions for the other items like the map, the coin and the Sheikah Slate carrying case.

But with the amiibo only the Guardian feels worth getting. It's packaging it's actually so nice, I almost didn't want to take it out of the box:

It has this inlay with a temple ground texture that looks quite nice in the box. However, it doesn't seem like you can actually alter its legs, as it was advertised at E3. It feels like some hard plastic and I'm afraid to break the legs. (Update: it's actually hard rubber around draft, so feel free to bend.)

Archer Link is probably the other amiibo, which shows some really nice detail work. So, I'd recommend getting that one second. Zelda has pretty hair, but I don't like the face, because it doesn't match her actual face in the game / on the artwork. But at least she does have a face, because that's more than you can say about Rider Link. This is certainly the amiibo that you should skip in case that you can't afford or don't want them all. He has no face and there's an ugly pole on the figurine.

The Bokoblin is alright quality-wise, but he doesn't bring the big prominence that the other characters have. When did we ever get just a simple monster as an amiibo?

Well, here are all of them together:

All in all I've already spent over 270€ on the game by getting the Wii U version, the Limited Edition and all five amiibo! And this won't be it, because there certainly will also be four more amiibo for the "Four Champions" and maybe even more (e.g. the "Old Man"). And getting a Special Edition from North America might also be pricey. Let's hope that the game is worth all this, but luckily it's not like I can't afford it.

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