Friday, March 3, 2017

Breath of the Wild: DLC EX Chest Positions

Let's start my Breath of the Wild coverage with a small guide. You can already pre-purchase the upcoming DLC Packs for the game and doing so will add three additional chests to the Great Plateau. You can recognize these chests by their looks. They are purple with gold framing and they have a big "EX" written on top of them. They are not hard to find, if you start the game with them. But it might not be as trivial, if you start playing without the DLC and then have the chests added at a later time.

This happened to me and I spent over an hour looking for the chest with the Nintendo Switch Shirt... Well, it was hidden within the only area, where I didn't want to look at first, which is why it took so long...

Chest #1

This is right next to the entrance of the Oman Au Shrine with the Magnesis Trial. It contains a Ruby. You can't miss it, unless you start the game without the chests.

Chest #2

The chest with the Nintendo Switch Shirt is in front of the entrance of the Ja Baij Shrine, where you have the Bomb Trial. It's on one of the walls inside the dangerous Eastern Abbey. It's easier to get, if you teleport to the Shrine and climb the wall, while the Guardians around you still sleep.

Chest #3

This is probably the hardest to find. It's on the west edge of the Great Plateau, near the Keh Namut Shrine (Cryonis Trial). It contains 5 Bomb Arrows.

(Funnily, I found this chest first, after installing the DLC.)

Well, the items in these chests are nice to have, but nothing too overpowered. You can also get Bomb Arrows and Rubies on the Great Plateau on other means.

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